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Freedom of Speech- An Illusion -Cybernetic Surveillance

If you have noticed there has been tighter and tighter regulations of the content even on sites like Youtube and Facebook, where an article that informed young people with interesting knowledge was, according to FB” a spam article”…now what does this mean? That there is an interference in your ingoing and outgoing information and ” someone” is determining what you should read or not.
This is not correct and this is not cool.
This is not the freedom of speech that should exist in a real, honest democracy. This is more like despotism.

It’s a criminal act forced upon people justified by and many times created by extreme provocations and security issues and if you have noticed, every time there is a new violent event, the governments reaction is to immediately try and disarm it’s citizens which can have alternative reasons; for example; to easier control the entire population. Certain arms were created for war and certainly seem exaggerated for use in a what on the outside seems like a peaceful situation in a country, unless the inner tensions of it’s population is leading it to certain civil war. Men against women, women against men, parents against children and children against the parents, “race” against “race” or gang against gang, the rich against the poor, the governments are corrupt and never manage to uplift the most suffering and then watch how wealthy men, full of themselves invest only into themselves, bling, women and art before unifying the brethren since men live in perpetual competition with every other male and then with the younger generations whom they only try to either corrupt or destroy, the obvious plan is to divide and conquer when everyone is broken down.

There is a clear government agenda with mental illness, first causing it, then finding an obvious problem with it so that people that are declared mentally ill by law will first of all augment to extreme amounts, then their rights will be taken away, someone will make decisions for them also over what they own and their rights to vote will be taken away.


Internet, something that we look upon as a way to communicate, inform oneself and exchange with the world, the world wide web, is a place full of traps, overwhelmed by cybernetic criminals looking for ways to create mediatic chaos, to rob and make people vulnerable, and certain instances are constantly keeping an eye out for “secrets” or let’s say indiscretions that can be used against that person in a possible future. In the case that a person will try and influence the masses, this delicate information will be stored and pulled up whenever needed questioning that person’s morality and honorability within higher issues.

In countries like this one that are not yet prepared for these attacks, internet will sometimes be interferred with for days at a time, business becomes very limited, very much affected and destroyed, issues with uploads, delayed mails or mails with a distorted countenance is common, everything is simply slowed down and confused until that someone can catch up with what you are doing. Third World countries have no idea of how much theft of intellectual property there is, where these vulnerable people funcion as their unpaid idea pool for every possible industry.

The fact is that if you speak the truth or want to get across to like-minded today there is no other choice than to go underground, but remember that they will also try and illegalize anonymousity with everything they got with the excuse that we have quite a few immoral criminals, ( very possibly even trained, working for and coming out from those same institutions) and that every person that vyes for anonymousity and privacy will be considered a dangerous terrorist of some sort by ruling powers only because they have no idea what it is you are doing and this makes any controlling organism very nervous.

Take back your freedom, now.
It’s your life.

Love & Light

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Undemocratic Voting Systems

If you/ the people only notice and support the candidates that have the largest financial backers facilitating advertising and a 24/ 7 coverage, then your voting systems are far from democratic. It would be of benefit for the economy of the country that the costs of advertising be eliminated or minimized, not to be exploited by corrupting interests (not corporate nor government funded) only inciting false promises and propaganda and these funds rather be used for the change you advertise, that would create an immediate social impact and immediate credibility for any political candidate. There should be equal possibilities for all. The information available of each candidate should be presented on a political digital platform where each issue is approached by each team and the people should be encouraged to through their own analysis and reasoning come to understand the best strategy, take control and be able to decide for the best candidate that also better follow through on what he says or be immediately replaced by until a proper level of moral conduct combined with honor has been reached where a servant and leader of the people strives for calm and perfection, not thoughtless ego driven emotional chaos that divides the population and puts the people in danger.
Voting should be easy and possible to do from your home to include everyone. Information should be facilitated, not hidden. Purposely putting false information to confuse sources of truth and creating problems and disease will soon be perceived as shameful and socially rejected.
Candidates will have to be as faultless as possible, not easily strayed, with as little vulnerabilities as possible because their road will be strewn with poisons and temptations and close allies can never be completely trusted because uncontrollable envy and jealousy rules the world of most humans.

Every favor will become a debt so move slowly and carefully not to sink the ship.

Every movement will have huge consequences so meditate on your move.


Work with the best, you need a solid team that can make things happen swiftly, doer’s not talkers. Experts on their field.

Focus, distractions will be coming your way daily, constantly and fast, take time to yourself, keep notes, stay on it, learn to discern provocations that may cause negative emotions that take you away from where your focus should be.

Everything is connected, the health of the people is directly related to the health of their surrounding nature.
And your happiness depending on the happiness of all.


There are no short cuts, only the right way.

Love & Light



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Flood of Sins- Unleashing the Fury of the Youth

Now since the flood of sins revealed among immense amounts of men and women slightly receded, let us study and understand how they unleash the fury of those children whose souls and personalities have been ripped into pieces through trauma, affecting their every day.

Let me be the spokes woman for those young people who have suffered abuse in silence and fear, those who no one in our society speaks for, or protects, the children who are economically cornered, abandoned or raptured, sold and used for sexual and other slavery, the ones caught in the cracks of our evil society, the quiet victims of these endless economically driven wars and political tensions of despots.

Small children.

You shall stand up and demand payment for these grotesque sins and a striking and infallible punishment for the perpetrators. Uruguay seriously considers castration and honestly, considering our many males infatuation with their sexual organ, it maybe possibly be the only action that even works to hold back a patriarchy out of control that pretty much consider themselves gods and clearly have different rules for themselves than for everyone else.

I will stand here with you.

Everyone deserves a minimum fee of $2,000,000 ( two million dollars ) to start a new life without the stresses and difficulties derived from their acquired state of mind and to cover possible medications needed for life) from any country, state, person or institution whom is not mentally ill and thus should be interned,
but have in some way purposefully, for lucrative purposes limited a child’s security, food intake, affected their schooling, physical, emotional and mental well being, freedom and quality of life while being subject to being used and abused.


Together one stands stronger.
Speak out, demand respect and take back your power.

Love & Light

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Cruelty sucks the joy out everything

  • Screenshot_20180428-212040.pngThis is a cruel culture where no one even bothers to listen and much less understand, thus causing continuous glitches and subsequent misunderstandings. It’s like they can’t help it, it’s that little unfitting smile or absolute sarcasm in a sad moment that shows their evil streak. The constant abuse. This full moon some will be all about the ego and others will show their love, even if…
  • People are simply prioritizing the wrong things, all this mess didn’t just happen, it is CREATED by someone.
  • It’s caused because more attention is given to evil,and short term things than to good things that last. There are for example way too many people that move to the rainforest because they claim to love it here only to take down every tree…? Have you gone crazy? Who are you trying to fool? Or did you just move here because it’s hip..? People all over went from good vibes to shallow threats. Noone takes responsibility for their actions, everyone just ” moves on”, the biggest perpetrators don’t pay for their crimes while the smallest people don’t eat.l If you ask me it’s ugly, its heart wrenching and sad and even more preoccupying being some of the few that simply can’t take it anymore whiIe everyone else is getting comfortable with it,  I am simply not staying here another month minute without totally destroying what I don’t like. So it is.


  • Love & Light
  • Aya
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Klonopin- just look at that word

KLONO PIN (Origin :  clonus. n. “violent muscular spasms,” 1817, from Modern Latin, from Greek klonos “turmoil, any violent motion; confusion, tumult, press of battle,” from PIE *kel- “to drive, set in motion  or klon which means ” twig” and related to cloning … and pin from Latin pinna ‘point, tip, edge.’ Or maybe pin as in code.

Free interpretation; the Code or “edge” that sets in motion confusion and tumult and press of battle or sets in motion a clone.

It’s is one thing stressing people out on purpose from all sides and then supposedy have the perfect medicine for it (and 20, 4 million users) but if you look at the side effects while having a little knowledge of what these type of medications could possibly be used for, like mind control, then it seems a little fresh and absolutely freaky to offer it as a great product, leaving users awefully vulnerable … and then when convenient it’s seems a little fresh to claim that the user is crazy…!


Look at this;

“… information about behavioral changes that can occur as a result of Klonopin abuse. Additional signs of substance abuse in general that can apply to Klonopin addiction include but are not limited to:

Legal troubles: For instance, if a person operates a car after taking a more than medically necessary amount of Klonopin and is involved in an accident or traffic stop, there may be criminal charges under the state’s drugged driving laws.

Withdrawing or becoming isolated: Although drug use can be social, it can also cause a person to uncharacteristically withdraw from family, friends, coworkers, classmates, and activities in general.

Being secretive: In order to protect the Klonopin abuse, people may conceal their activities, tell lies when asked about them, or become hostile to avoid any questions or criticisms.

just a few possible KLONOPIN SIDE EFFECTS

*loss of memory

*feeling sad or empty

mood or mental changes

dizziness, faintness, or lightheadedness when getting up suddenly from a lying or sitting position

excessive dreaming



  • fast, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse
    feeling mad
    feeling of unreality
    *lack of feeling or emotion
    change in consciousness
feeling that others are watching you or controlling your behavior
    feeling that others can hear your thoughts
    feeling, seeing, or hearing things that are not there….
  • Klonopin side effects


  • ill3
  • I additionally happened to read an article about ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and honestly, it doesn,t count when you stress out the kids from the get go, then  tell them there is something wrong with their natural personality, wonder why they cant sit down like machines at a table for 8 h pretty much straight looking at disconnected theoretical lies that instinctively make no sense to them, proceed with failing them in the tests even if they may be onto a new theory and then wonder why they are the way they are…???
  • AHDH is an invented drug for profit
  • If a child is traumatized as young, he or she will develop alter egos and a lot of imagination as a defense mechanism, the mind is already damaged, these people oftentimes NEED medication to handle their interior stress and anxiety, self hatred, depressions. Trauma gives cause to grave emotional alterations. If a person for any reason don’t have access to a doctor they may self medicate with illegal and black market legal drugs. Neither of these anti-depressive pills that  suppress painful emotions are that great nor complete , they actually have more side effects and augment the interior levels of toxins and stress on the body than they do good but without them these humans are very uncomfortable, and possibly abused or abusive and dangerous for themselves or others, for life….and this is very sad.
  • ill1
  • There is a huge, massive negative impact that is underplayed in our society…like  why is it pretty much legal to offend people sexually?
  • Why are rapists not sufficiently punished, why is it globally overlooked, whether we talk single events or organized  rapes made by women and men?
  • And worst of all, why is it that children have no voice in our society, AT ALL?
  • Only read the evil story of what happened at McMartin Pre- school where children that could yet not even speak clearly would be used sexually by  pedofiles in satanic rites exposed to bloody sacrifices and there was even tunnels from there going directly to the airport, they would be mind controlled using fear.
  • Interesting things to look into;

Future and Emerging Technologies (FET). Flagships are 1-billion, 10-years initiatives where hundreds of excellent European researchers unite forces to focus on solving an ambitious scientific and technological challenge, like understanding the Human Brain or developing the new materials of the future, such as Graphene.

Smartpill by Novartis : Smart Pill

” Mr. Trower came out of retirement because he was concerned that the microwave frequencies and intensities to which children are exposed in schools are similar to those used for microwave weapons.”

Barrie Trower on Non-lethal weapons: Barrie Trower Non Lethal Weapons Microwave, Wifi


In this case below a non lethal weapon was used to cause severe anxiety in a person from quite a big distance causing a trip to the emergency….

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Avoid Mindcontrol and Other Evils

There is a lot of evil out there and there seem to be more and more anti matter/negative seeping into this realm.

Youth is being destroyed through stress and trauma, this allows for many split personalities, since in the moment of extreme stress and trauma the mind finds a space, another place, that is not this reality, but a safe memory and place for the soul to reside, separate from the body and it does it as a defense mechanism.
These fragmented personalities doctors discovered, can be replaced with a programmed entirely different personality. The effects of this in the person are fragmented memories and flashes of events surging up from the subconscious, that is how most people eventually find out what is going on with them, when the the programming starts breaking down.

There has been government institutions and huge corporations and others that have experimented using this technique to train assassins, people to be used in sexual activities, unpaid work ( slavery)and rituals.

Project Bluebird, Project Artichoke(The Manchurian Candidate) and MKultra are the most famous on this side of the planet. My instincts tell me that many countries experiment this, even today without the knowledge and consent of its population and in a much larger scale.
These projects were created by intelligence agencies. The first two dealt with using people as assassins and spies erasing their memory through violence or electroshock, and then through repetitive messages reprogram and implant violent or sexual traits through hypnosis, they would use trigger words, imagery like the card Queen of Heart, ( this is freaky in so many ways because the underlying message is to search and find the people who still move with a heart) trigger symbols and sometimes specific parts in a song. At specific sound frequencies we are more pliable and easier to affect and this state can trigger mental disorders.They used handlers, men and women that were close to and around the subject giving the signs for action and alter egos that they played with so that the subject would proceed with the target, then forget the missions and emotionally detach themselves from the memory as if it wasn’t theirs. They could be used for missions by others and then have to take the blame personally, almost perfect for a hidden perpetrator.
The purpose with for example MKultra was mass mind control. In others they explored time travel, teleportation and telepathy. This is still ongoing today in a more social setting.

This information was sent to a journalist by mistake one day ago:


Media plays into this quite a bit, and could have possibly replaced the setting of the experiment. Violence and sex is shown in all it’s width displayed by trendy popular people, mixing up pleasant imagery with violence with the purpose to romanticize evil, making it cool and confusing the messages, confusing what is bad and what is good, for example replacing love with carnal sex.
This is done on purpose to erase our social training and replace it with illogical chaos. This chaos hold people down in the struggles, creating troubles for themselves which is where people in power want them, because they don’t want competition. If humans can be triggered to make mistakes, especially the ones the law covers, (even cause themselves health issues) they can manipulate your life, freedom, wealth and your immediate effect on the world by having people judge something that they know nothing about and then become nothing in their eyes and become obliterated in this world.

When someone in media does not want to cooperate they are replaced, the message is clear, if you don’t fit in, accept and promote their hidden agenda you won’t taste the fruits of material gain.

These artists influence a lot of people through their work, so if they don’t step out quick a warning will be made through the story theme of production directed at the subject and then he or she will be “removed from the scene and their influence on the masses” in a usually brutal way that in some way creates capital gain, but if they catch you in the beginning it can also be subtle, they simply make sure you don’t have a chance to get in without first being discovered, your creative treasures robbed and exploited or distorted by them and their big stars while you are unheard and hidden. If your creativity doesn’t clic with their agenda it will be transformed and corrupted into something more fitting always within the perimeters of the law in that way justifying a robbery and they will do it in your face to prove to you how much power they have within this material realm, JUST like Lucifer, which most probably is their master because everything pure is simply used and sacrificed.

They make it very clear that if you are in you will be used and if you are not you will be used, competition is simply suppressed and / or destroyed.
The message is; YOU are not in control of your life, we are.


The secret lies in that these stars have something when they come in and it’s genuine and innocent or let me say, not meddled with, untouched, raw, honest.
This attracts humanity in a big way, they want more of that. But then they take that and slowly and steadily transform their stars and productions into something they are not, a superficial version of themselves saying nothing interesting, but repetitive negative or distractive messages, lots of suggestive sex, the clothing, hair and style is analyzed to augment the impression and message, like dog collars around the females necks to show how they are controlled. At this point is where many stars become stressed and unhappy, may even meddle with pharmaceuticals and drugs, handlers giving them what they need and this state is perfect for mind control, the subject additionally feel like there is no way out, hopelessness start sleeping in and then he or she slowly start to auto destruct. They are caught inside of their own mind and can’t see the exit.

The ultimate purpose of these actions is to desensitize the population so that they will do what they ask of you without fighting it. As if it’s normal and accepted.

“Eso no es nada.”

If they can make sex nothing special, sacred virginity something you charge for while you contemporarily corrupt the males, making them run after superficial porn star looking females that just give pleasure without the intellectual exchange, people will give their bodies more easy, intelligent women will feel like they have to pay or buy enhancements to get any sexual attention at all or at least pretend to be a sadomasochistic slut only to get a super superficial relationship based on material gains and looks with zero love ….now if you can make violence cool everyone will not only justify doing it but then they can easily remove the same people from the scene through the law.

If you mix this reality with a television fantasy world where you can get away with anything you can be sure someone is going to get confused and bring that fantasy world into this reality, and experience a bad wake up call when doing something that just isn’t right or legal, or even possible in the physical realms.

If you continually stress people out, especially about their food and money situation, they will do more things without thinking and make more mistakes, have more accidents and this gains certain people lots of time and money.

So stay protected in the pure white light because evil is everywhere around us.

Love & Light


Everything is energy, sound with the fundament of numbers creating simultaneously divine symmetry.

When charged particles collide there is friction, in a good way or in a bad way, energy moves.

If you look at the Bible, that text could be one version of the creation of one of our seemingly human species but maybe not by God but a possible interfering  ” Creator God” or maybe this ” Creator God “can “slip in” just at the moment when life is created and try to take Gods place in worship.

” When just 2 of these very special people get together, they can not only start a nation-changing revolution, they can trigger a revolution of consciousness”

Strange things happen to those with this blood type

How did Adam appear, as a grownup or a child or a child with genes of a grownup?
Then look at how Eve came from Adams rib, after he was already created, what does that tell us? That they are from the same gene pool, that their race was either inbred or cloned, or that maybe all these beings descend from only these two gene pool sources. But then a clone would be of the same sex, thus needed at least one male and one female. Now if God energy is androgynous, perfect balance of yin and yang, light and dark, then there must be a way to bring balance to our own male and female sides expressing them but maybe not in the confused ways we see today in the LGTB community and certainly not only in the physical and carnal. Once again, are these new people another race experiment gone awry?

Why is the snake evil? He represent a shapeshifter, that” sheds his skin”, takes on a new body…

Humans have different blood types and this could be related to different original races and traits more than skin color that could be solely a distractive external environmental factor.
One race is human, but what if the others may not fully be….or human at all and those Creator Gods to whom they show worship and loyalty before the Almighty Creator as their creator and who can only to manipulate the physical earth realm and the material. Lucifer himself, a great trickster and deceiver, note that he is the angel of music, and frequencies, is one or at least a collaborator that  harvests souls through the never ending temptations that trick them into various death scenarios. We are very possibly dealing with AI’s  and a central computer brain that they are connected to and they are already present around us (Artificial Intelligence). There are existing machines that create anti-matter, they collide protons while spinning them, now in the areas of which these machines called quantum computers, that can access parallell universes with superposition (using 0 and 1 simultaneously), these machines have to be stored under extremely cold temperatures, in the coldest places on earth and there is a bad vibe around them, lots of strange negative things happen there.

Fact is that many people and their bodies could possibly be needed for new AI, s to use, in a great experiment, there may be some sort  of interception at birth and supposed death.

In fact imagine what a great resurrection one could stage if you had the wrong intent, add a holographic alien invasion with some creepy sounds and bad vibrations, a few chaotic events at the same time to cause chaos, maybe even a “Saviour”  accompanied by an army of giant AI,s that read emotion and you bet people would bow and do what they are told.

Now, Lucifer of chaos and darkness, will with his sounds, knowing all the instruments( frequencies), coming in again after he tried and destroy the God of Ra (one of the Creator God) AND the God of Maat ( The Underworld- possibly located at the Center of the Earth) and he will collaborate with at least two demons/ bodies without souls possibly AI.

Obviously this is some sort of experiment of which the outcome could go out of control considering the additional digital intelligence of these AI creations, that will have traits of unusually talented and psychic humans combined with AI which would create sort of ” super humans ” with a wide range of abilities and an unbeatable physical strength, perfect for an army.
This particular race celebrate Saturn and Saturday, a planet with a six pointed star at the north end with a possible particle accelerator in the shape of a black cube and a spiral at the south point. This play of energies of dark matter, may affect events here on Earth.


According to an expert on the matter here on earth there are practices of replication and duplication cloning, in the first it grows into a baby, in the second a grownup human is grown in a tank, they have four stages, the first being an organic robotoid, they have the ability to transfer your consciousness into an AI, or clone of you during sleep. They can then use your clone while sleeping. These cells they can easily get from a pap-smear or a piece of foreskin.
Like depicted in Xanadu about 9 muses of Olympia coming to life starring Olivia Newton John. These clones can be used, and specifically talented, intelligent or psychic people are interesting to these ” creatures”.

There are people that choose to work in the dark, hidden while plotting and planning this and every event around us because this dimension is blissful in itself until negativity is drawn into it.

The sole purpose of these people is to work on every event and frequency that invite and bring in large amounts of anti -matter and it doesn’t matter through which human or which negative emotion it manifests, as long as it does and in as many people as possible and in that way opening the unseen portals of which this collective negative dark energy  can enter, creating an unbalance of light and dark, and take over, creating extreme chaos, violence and confusion in our society.

These circumstances make certain people make large sums of money.

So if you can make people irritated and angry over things, it doesn’t matter what, as long as they get agitated for example creating events that make people divide and want to fight each other, or cause them stress on various levels, manipulate strings, practice disrespect and insults, degrade females and children or the working class, their goal gets closer, because everyone taps into the negative frequencies and in that way it helping to manifest here, because if they can focus and increase negative vibes through all media and the Internet cloud in any way, they can help co-create and create the perfect environment for the negative action and even help you to visualize fearful events like aliens and zombies invasions, mass destruction and disasters through media, pumping up on the bad frequencies they can have pretty much immediate results. The fact that the existing antimatter machines ( proton accelerators) create a bad, weird vibration around the area where it sits says a lot about its strong negative power that few can control or even contain the upsurging emotions, since the emotions and events are one after anotheras if a dam broke. When one start loosing the calm triggered by something, or start the insults the anger will be flowing that way, in fact they know at what exact frequency you are much easier to be affected by it, connect with it and take that negativity into and then spread it all over this, originally pure and blissful reality. There are also frequencies that create perfect harmony, so if you can alter them somehow, you can shift moods and events.



Strange things happen to people with this bloodtype

Why does the U.S government track those with Rh-negative factor, especially those with O- blood type, with such extraordinary monitoring techniques—worldwide?

Truth : “That there were, and are, no alien abductions; there are only government kidnappings. And, that the exceedingly impressive Roswell UFO incident, just like the other much-publicized UFO events, was actually executed by the U.S. Military and and Hollywood to spread the fake story that aliens are visiting us, and even crashing their spaceships into the Earth (apparently they ran out of gas). KEY POINT: All alleged alien abductions were actually elaborate hoaxes perpetrated against unsuspecting people who were transported to specially equipped labs deep underground.  The illusion of spaceships commandeered by EBEs and evil grey aliens surrounding the operating tables was fabricated as a cover to enable thousands of kidnappings of people of interest by the government. A disproportionate percentage of those criminal abductions were experienced by victims with O- blood.Hollywood to spread the fake story that aliens are visiting us, and even crashing their spaceships into the Earth (apparently they ran out of gas).


What if certain toxic people may not even be human…


Love and Light



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Chastity and Meditation or the Carnal same old

You pretty much never hear of cultures that incite chastity, only within religious groups and just this fact is interesting enough. Most of them promote as the highest human goal, the finding of a partner and procreate and without that other part you would be helpless, at least at loss, and stand out like an incomplete freak of nature, which very possibly is not true.

It’s one thing that we do experience a three dimensional, material, physical reality and another limiting oneself to only this realm. It could get suffocating, fearful and boring.

For example, it could be that the moment you decide for  a man you can no longer fully serve God, but him and the same for  a man. But this only depends on the level of those souls, how high they strive, if they are going to take that love a step higher than just sex.

In times of chaos, where people are firstly in need of answers and healing before being able to relate in loving ways to others, it seems possibly very practical that a larger group than usual, dedicate themselves to meditate on things in a serious way. And in times of over -population it must be an intelligent reaction that less crave having children that very possible will only suffer unless there is a change.

This seems only logical.

Chastity and a simple natural non distracting life style could be a great way to delve deep inside of oneself for answers to personal and world solutions (since they are totally and clearly related and without any separation whatsoever ).


There is a continuous lack of respect for the females in our society, there is a set depreciation combined with extreme expectations and many socially accepted behaviors toward them are not right but it’s unfortunately ingrained in every culture except for the few matriarchies present today. If people wonder why certain women eventually turn into frustrated irritated ” bitches” it is because every aspect of their lives is affected daily by a suffocating flamboyant and chaotic patriarchy that clearly are making every “wrong” decisions one can make but still holding on frantically to the rudder, in a bad way.
Bad for everyone involved. These bitchy women who no one ever bothered to listen to, have a difficulty to fake emotions thus the shitty face that men so abhor. While you are young you are still positive and making it happen, you get the attention and live in this amazing romantic illusion until the patriarchal simple carnal reality slowly peels off the joy piece by piece leaving a bad taste in ones mouth unless you are lucky and actually was surrounded by real people that actually practiced what they preached, then you are one of the few people that are actually living in peace.

Love & Light

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The Consented Male

There is no other species on this planet more spoilt than the male humans, in every culture and event they are uplifted and revered unfortunately no matter what they do or what they represent or say. The average goal is reproduction, status, recognition and an alpha male position, this need for fame and glory is sometimes placed even before responsibilities or even life.
This extreme attention can make males way full of themselves whereas they think everything and everybody spins round them as one would imagine the center of the Universe. Like little gods on this planet.
They are used by culture to have everyone’s undivided attention and also by culture to ignore the needs and petitions of the females. A man is used to get what he wants with a snap of his fingers. A man has to have a seemingly sexual woman by their side to culturally fit in and be a real man ( at least visually) and a woman has to have a man by her side to speak for her and give her the position and respect she I’ll never get on her own. This is because after all humans today are much more carnal than spiritual. The only problem with this is that things are changing, a woman is less likely to cover your back unless you are fully with her, she is less likely to be sexually available just because you have a great way of convincing her, she is less likely to fall for empty words and she is very likely to want to reach those goals herself, enjoy living an empowering life while loving and appreciating herself and her efforts and loved by God than living alongside an ungrateful, insecure man while being taken advantage of sexually and domestically while the men herald the other worlds of power in full freedom.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | February 12, 2018


This world is made up of a lot of distractions, these distractions affect your precision and mission. Along the way of the average human there are baits along the way, most people have at least one weakness these are additionally promoted fervently by those who do not wish to have any competition. These weaknesses are studied every moment you search anything on google. Important information will even be hidden. These are NOT democracies. While we all talk about wanting change and supporting something ethical that we believe in most people spend their money on survival followed by every unnecessary and unethical thing they can find, mainly because of habit and most people usually never get out of their comfort zone. Our society is additionally made up in a way that the moment you have more or extra money they already have an obligatory charge, tax, service or a product that you absolutely ” need” so it’s up to you not to fall into every temptation and to challenge your society. Money is a tool to make changes, its not the final goal. If you spend more money on beers or sexual encounters than investments then take a look at yourself. That’s the difference, the money you spend on stupid shit, intelligent people invest.

When that Jewish girl from a wealthy family brings all the acid trips or an ayahuasca celebration for your youth it’s clearly not for them to become empowered or even have fun, it’s done to take out as many of your kids as possible. A few of those will be lost along the way, if not in drugs then at least in sex, sexually transmitted disease, unwanted pregnancies etc etc and now there are fewer people to “battle”. There are many ways of taking over territories starting with the mind and then being more awake than others while they sleep. People still do not understand that having only two(2) options of candidates funded by the big industries in politics is not the basics of democratic voting, you clearly have no choice, you only have two similar puppets with no brains.

Creating extremely materialistic people will make them hard and unforgiving, and extreme shoppers, their only goal are things and self – gratification, these are the kind of people that have no feelings for no one, they are trained in competition, separation, warring and destruction, they are not unified with the rest of humanity and they are also so distant from God and the light that they take on demonic proportions and negative vibrations until their soul practically leaves their body.

The one thing they don, t feel is love and their moves are born in their ego and they are simply not nice.


Love & Light

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