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Stress creates toxins in our bodies and causes disease, toothloss, loss of appetite, depressions, emotional chaos, relationship problems and much more and if you think about it, the underlying stress is about survival, to make sure we have enough food, water, a home, security and defense so that we may have health and peace of mind.

Most people on the planet are then clearly doomed to stress more than others due to their constant state of poverty, emotional stress and additionally be much more vulnerable, weaker and more diseased.

People who live extreme stresses like that have post traumatic reactions afterwards. It’s something we cannot ignore, that every person or child that lives horror experiences will very possibly be seriously harmed psychologically. We need to avoid that any children at all grow up without the love, trust and respect they deserve so that they understand what true love and being human is and in that way transform our ways for the immediate future, even if that means restricting having children only to those who truly deserve having such angel like beings in their life and have proven that they are responsible,stable and prepared until the consciousness is raised and humans unanimously come to understanding that bringing children here without thinking about their best, or their future is a very egotistical act.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 1, 2017

Rude Awakenings

People will experience a rude awakening if their illusion isn,t anchored in truth.

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Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 30, 2017

One by his side and four on his mind

He,s got one woman by his side
And four on his mind
He smiles cause he feels like the King of the Vile
Everything he says is full of conveniences and lies
Sometimes he repents and he even cries
But it ain’t for you it’s because his ego, s hurt
He cant believe you reacted at all
but then here comes the upcoming fall
She says:
⁃ Babe, sorry I won,t loose my time on someone who doesn’t know what he wants
It turns me off a man with so many nasty desires
Where the eyes go all over the place and he is only fire
Calm yo ass down and look me in the eyes
To stand by a woman like me you get only one try
Many be looking back wondering why
When I see your mind wander I, m gone like the wind
What you focus on is what you get and you couldn,t focus long enough
I know that for some being on it is really tough
I ain’t looking for no one and I expect no one to us understand a word I,m saying
All I know is that I hover between work and praying
Or you block the flow or you jump right in
Pushy goes out the door of the inconsiderate
While this guy jumps right into the senate
Takes over and shows how it’s done
So that greed and corruption the next day is gone
badass with goodness, great and feared
She jumps into the world with her double edged swords
To clear the entire world of the pretend lords

And says:
⁃ Find your powers cause I need you by my side exactly three minutes before the people find out that they all lied.


Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 30, 2017

Detracting Asteroids

There must be someone out there questioning our cultures seemingly fearful approach to everything and when they fear that anything from ” out there” that may destroy us they should first of all look at if we are somewhat attracting it through our deplorable actions. It may even be so that the energy and warmth that global heating creates may attract other passing spheres closer to us, our global ” aura ” may be expanding and add that if we are a mainly aggressive and careless species this is probably what our culture expects anything from the outside to be and what we focus on is what we materialize. We see what we decide to see. We get used to certain realities and we fight what we do not understand. We move out of fear sometimes of the unknown or out of love. It amazes me that the solution is to blow up the asteroid when maybe if people learned about energies we could collectively protect our planet and even navigate it through the skies.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 12, 2017

God Supports- while humans test faith

The fact is that the Universe guides and supports you 24/7 and that God does not test his people but in faith only. Humans on the other hand can be a real challenge, they, through their limited consciousness level and extreme faithlessness do cruel things without even noticing, they live without any care testing people’s patience all day.
This may have its origin in our cold unloving materialistic, cynical and toxic culture.

If you are dealing with someone on a superficial level, they can easily be exchanged, in fact, on that level, everyone is replaceable. If you are looking for mere corporal sex, a light relationship or a provider you will simply replace that partner when it doesn,t work for you anymore, but if you are looking for something deeper then it becomes more of a voyage where you can’t just ” get rid of” the other partner but there is something you need to learn out of your experience, about why things happen.

Sometimes things don,t happen like planned, you may not experience a boom in your career, a first love or a great connect with someone until you are half way through your life. You may even find yourself making love for the first time just because there is actually love. Don,t live with finding a partner as your ultimate goal, but explore your self a little. Look at a partner as a spice not the main course for a while. Don,t have casual sex either only because it’s overrated. Partners means commitment, taking time out for the relationship and a common goal. We have the common scenario of sleeping with people out of physical need and approximate convenience while day dreaming about something better and more perfect, someone that actually loves and understands us. Saying that we love someone but not showing it or not doing things in a loving way. This crack in space, of not living what we dream but always cutting ourselves short only delay our divine manifestations and augment our frustrations.


Life is easier when burdens are shared, things get done faster when more people involved, certain things are done best with physical force and others with thinking, some are better at this and others at that. God has divided himself into all his creations but only God encompasses everything, all the knowledge and every craft.

Trust that you can do your part perfectly.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 11, 2017

Gente Superficial y Madurez

Hay dos classes de gente, los que hacen mas de lo que se espera de uno y los que poco abarcan, los que dejan que el sistema les empuja a convertirse en crimininales haciendo toda class de locuras ante de questionar su gobierno y de manera saludable presionar un cambio que sea conveniente para el pueblo entero y no bajar las cabezas en un momento cuando los.hombres de verdad se tienen que levantar y defender la vida.

Maltratar a los indefensos, las mujeres y familiares, animales domesticados y salvajes y toda la madre Tierra por parte de cualquier masculino esta relacionado con lo que se llama un patriarcado cobarde, decaido y enfermo con claros senos de locura y el absoluto olvido de su Origen (que es divino).

Del pueblo de haber rechazado una mujer joven para el puesto de Presidencia por su edad con un limite inventado y conveniente para el que lo hizo, basado sobre la nada, solo para limitar la entrada de los que piensan con el futuro en mente y mas o menos hacer lo mismo de siempre, demuestra la inmadurez de la poblacion masculina en la vejez, y de la mujer machista de hoy de todas las edades, las que creen que la mujeres solo sirve para sexo y limpiar casas, parecen moverse como chiquillos de 2 anos con una total falta de responsabilidad ante el pueblo por sus actos, como si se creen el centro absoluto del Universo, llenando espacios questionables con excusas infantiles y evasivos, nada transparentes ni claras, de una manera poco conveniente para nuestra sociedad. Madurez se define con actos conscientes y inteligentes y no tiene absolutamente nada que ver con la edad. Un hombre o mujer vieja, hasta con la educacion corriente( la basica que ofrecen) no es necesariamente sabia. Uno espera que lo sean pero no es asi. Es lo que quieren que tu piensas.

Cuando te daras cuenta que eres mas inteligente, y hasta mucho mas poderosa, por tu manera de ser, todo cambia.

Es tiempo de cambiar, hacer las cosas de manera seria y bienpensada, dejar que la gente puede disfrutar de la vida por la excelente organizacion de las cosas en vez de cansarse hasta enfermarse por desnutricion y hacer lo imposible. Es tiempo de parar de en todas maneras glorificar una vida de eternos sacrificios, sufrimiento y crucificcion entre placeres vacias y pasajeras y simplemente dejar vivir.

Mi pareja es inmadura


Amor y Luz

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 27, 2017

God is energy

God is an energy that encompasses everything thus you are a direct manifestation of God. When you know this then you can start co creating fearlessly with a force that is
limitless whilst in a material realm transcending limits and making leaps.


Reaching for the light means going as far as you can without worrying about how and when things are going to happen and from where and what side, just maintaining the focus and high energy ( mental and physical) needed to see results. Everyone is here now to move together on amazingly intelligent things and every day is a preparation.+


Love & Light










Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 21, 2017

Love is being there

This woman just said it straight out, to truly love you must be there physically, emotionally and mentally.

That means if you are there mentally and emotionally but not yet physically, or physically but not mentally or emotionally, or for example not there physically, nor emotionally and only sometimes mentally it will be hard to build a firm foundation out of that and it is just not going to be perfect.

Be aware of the signals you give out which may be confusing. You may think you are looking for love but in reality it is out of a ego driven physical and only sexual need and you are in reality emotionally unavailable and cold so people will react and respond to that and simply leave you alone. Or you want a woman by your side but in reality think they are inferior whores so that is what you subconsciously or consciously pick/ get (immensely carnal super sexy women) and then get irritated about how untrustworthy they are and to confirm your thoughts about women.

Or you see yourself as a old generation intellectual top dog and enjoy intelligent exchange with females with brains but then find them totally unfitting in your sexual ” dark” secret ” dirty” side born out of the older generations absolute fear of sexuality and sort of works on them as prohibited drugs on the youth, the more ” bad” it seems the more they want to do it, thus have sexy women that are only for sexual exchange and emotional support( wife, s and mistresses) and totally neutral ” serious” women for work, all of this to fulfill his varied needs and lack of emotional discipline. And God forbid you have both traits, then they won,t know what to make out of you and let me tell you why; now you could possibly become highly dangerous to someone without discipline. A male chauvinist will never include his woman in his work and glorious power trips thus the relationship is doomed from the beginning, you will live two different lives and not be united, only by the groin, as his eternally grateful sex slave that you depend on for survival. But what these men don,t pick up on is that their promiscuity and nastiness shine way stronger than their words, the expensive car they drive and the eau de cologne and designer suit they wear, in shines through their eyes and makes them everything but noble in spite of respected earthly titles or bloodlines. What they display is more of a play of power, a competition with God in questioning all the creations and questioning the feminine while taking out the beauty, innocence and purity of this place and people and replacing it with inferior values and materially inferior ugly things.

Any distance, whether mental, emotional or physical is obviously contrary to experiencing closeness.

Sometimes our heart want something that seems impossible and we will perceive this inside as some sort of emotional pain but the reality is that it is only our fear that holds us back, because the moment you perceive anything as possible, without a doubt it is and all obstacles are removed in that instant.

If you can terrify people to stay put as a weapon, I would say that is the psychological weapon our societies use the most now, instilling constant fear, worry and doubt which are total sins in the scope of faithfulness. For example we are going full force stopping only specifically nuclear energies and bombs while they are developing hundreds of energy based weapons that are soon going to be tested on something alive and certainly on this planet earth to the detriment of our atmosphere. As they come up have to be illegalized one by one for the next thousand years until humans wake up and realize that this is all an obvious game because it’s the actual killing and the psychological want to kill that should be outlawed or more like be educated into the people so that they are not born into aggressive families that only think about violence but give them a chance to live peace at home first so that it becomes a way of life, not some strange unusual thing they only do in other countries.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 19, 2017

Love Connections

Since we are born out of love, higher beings are of love, they will connect through love and the higher you climb within yourself the more you will connect on higher levels with others. All living beings are connected through a network of grids of light. Many of those you feel an energetic attraction to, out of love, are actual collaborators on your path, they will trigger something in you that serves you in your internal growth in becoming something much larger than you initially may have thought was possible. You work from the heart and up. You will perceive certain people as actual angels sent from God coming with gifts of the heart. You will pass through dimensional portals that open up when you are ready and your convictions firm.

If you stay firmly in the light guided by your inner self you will not be distracted by lesser acts of others, nor drawn to going quickly into superficial type moves or sexuality letting people near to close before showing their true intentions.


Relax, take your time, enjoy the energies.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 19, 2017

Survival Instinct

Our chances of survival have increased since the beginnings of time, we have dwellings that help us no longer sleep in the wilderness without protection from harsh weather and dangerous animals, this has on the other hand numbed down people’s natural instincts and intuitions. It makes them not react when there is danger. For example the climate change is no joke and is increasing natural disasters worldwide, specifically hurricanes that raise out of warm waters. Lack of oxygen which is a reality in every city is the cause of many diseases, headaches, stress related symptoms and low energy. A lack of high energy foods will deplete your body of its sources instead of regenerate your cells.
Go carbon neutral, shift into an alternative clean energy source, plant trees, consume products that are not harmful for you or your planet. 


This should be your only focus right now, weave it into everything you do, it is a concrete shift that makes an immediate impact in you and in everything around you.

Love & Light

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