Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 26, 2017

Abuse of Authority

Too many people are victims of abuse of authority. It is usually practiced by men in respected positions of earthly “power” and they expect absolute obedience enforced with violence, terror, verbal, psychological or physical abuse, for example the fathers, husbands, the politicians, the priests, teachers, police and soldiers to mention a few.
These men ( and a few women) create a lot of problems in our future generations since their goal is simple, brutal and born out of the male competition. This has created the sick habit of the elder potentials to destroy other people and use them for their benefit (not to mention waterways, air, animals and plant life/ Mother Earth that simply means nothing to this group even if they live exclusively off her abundance), especially those they consider “below” in value and significance, like the young and the females, and they use humiliation to maintain their position and power. The fact that they claim they do not know where the psychological affectation anorexia is born out of is untrue. It is the after effect of a society that takes total control of every females life and yanks them and their lives in all directions to make everyone’s dream come true except for theirs and makes it clear to her that she is not worth anything in this world unless she is accompanied by an alpha male that she needs to attract with sex so that he can decide over everything she does too after the President, the male leader in the village association, the municipality guy and everyone else have decided what she is and what she should do. That is when she realizes that the only thing she has control over is her body and she is NOT going to attract men with it. Many females have even been denied food when young, told that they eat to much when they are growing or consistently are made feel bad for having needs like eating which may affect them as they associate food with punishment making them loose their appetite. In many cultures considered a burden that should be married off as quickly as possible with a male who will decide over her life after the father did, thus she has no digne life, so why eat, or try and get more plump only to attract pushy men that are going to tell them what to do or disrespect?

Why won,t you let her enjoy the things of life but search for death?

These men also invent total constructs of lies to upkeep their myths and will use their social position, threats and intimidation to keep people in place. They will repeat these same stories to their victims when the truth is surging with the purpose to ridicule or at least deny the validity of the person, replace the actual truth with a fabricated one, then add some respected names in there repeating this new ” truth” and voila, everyone superficial that doesn,t analyze things deeper or ever think on their own but believe that these respected names know more, are convinced and now everyone is living a convenient lie that looks much better and they will defend it at all cost. The inconvenient truth has been removed for something much better for the false illusion. In fact, laws have known to been changed to facilitate obvious interior crimes, many have been falsely accused by their perpetrators and lost lives for crimes they didn’t,t commit.
That is how much a humans life and dignity is worth in their eyes.




That so why you should NOT believe a word these (self-proclaimed )” authorities ” are saying unless you verify it yourself.

Look beyond this big lie and find peace in the real answers.

Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 21, 2017

A algunos les gusta hacer las cosas a la fuerza

Un señor muy inteligente del pueblo me recordo mientras estaba ventilando algunos problemas del pueblo, que a algunos les gusta hacer las cosas a la fuerza.

Alli esta el problema.

Algunos hombre simplemente llegan a sus metas a la fuerza sin consideracion a nadie mas, y se nota en los hombres machistas y los que se afferan al poder . En los sillones de los altas jerarchas en el pais respetar al pueblo parece superfluo y mas bien con descaradas mentiras no solo esperan llegar pero llegan, a la cima del poder y del supuesto senorio aun que se olvidaron que en los tiempos anteriores, cuando las cosas fueron menos caoticas y decepcionantes un Señor en el pleno sentido de la palabra, era alguien educado que tenia modales y era respetado, no un estafador que con fuerza imponga sus mentiras, sin fe absoluta. El mismo señor me dijo que cuando sacaron todos los cuentos historicos de las indigenas de las escuelas, como por ejemplo el de Raka, que formaba el hombre a ser un ser fuerte, leal, honrado y con moral y los reemplazo con otra cosa, desde alli el costaricense cambio y eso de tener valores ya quedo atras.

Hay que recordar que el hombre blanco que llege por estos lados casi mata a los en el continente Americano con suciedad y enfermedades, eran algo cochinos y violentos y la cultura tenia muchos contrastes o sea por ser considerada una cultura fina y eso todavia, por sus logros materialistas, es bastante vulgar. Cuando ya habian matado a 90% de las indigenas no tenian nadie para hacer el trabajo y alli es donde empiezan a traer Africanos para usarlos en los trabajos que los blancos no querian ni podian hacer por ser geneticamente bastante innatos, enfermizos y debiles.


Un poco de agradecimiento hacia los series humanos que han sido maltratados y sacrificados por esta sociedad cruel generacion tras generacion empujados a la fuerza, no estaria mal porque el tiempo se esta terminando y si no hay seno de remordimiento, Dios se los cobrara.

Reyes Indigenas de Costa 

Amor y Luz


Almost every psychotic act is made under the influence of alcohol and drugs. Violent acts are done under anaestitating substances, making people over react when they are off drugs and feeling euforia when they are on them. Arms and feeling the need to get armed is a direct sequence of living in a no mans world, where justice isn,t properly displayed thus justifying an independent self defense. Their confusing laws of make it difficult to defend yourself or to even buy a legal gun, it’s like went ahead of themselves creating so many laws without being able to back them up with facts, the fact that people’s taxes are not going where they should be. Central- and Southamerica is white mans playground and has been ever since Christopher Columbus. White man loves cocaine and in Centralamerica low life people can live like kings in drug havens surrounded by desperate girls deep into prostitution. Here we have all kinds of dreg looking to die in some stupid self created situation.

Crack and cocaine affect everyone because the people on it are literally insane and very emotionally unstable and are very likely to do random violent acts out of the blue. A country that prides itself on peace should not get deep into drugs or catering to people like that unless they want to promote procrastination while additionally selling their souls to the devil. Corruption is not only up but it’s everywhere, everything is setup perfectly, even the bad roads are no coincidence to all these hidden coastal ports, police only show up when convenient and only certain police, Chiefs of police with grand attitudes abusing of their authority and power inventing anything to cover up the truth sacrificing anyone along the way, park rangers here are caught hunting, fishing and picking up packages with drugs in their ” protected “national parks, people, that clearly are in there for a specific reason which never was nature or biology with someone at the office leaking the information every time they are going in for an arrest, judges let the rest out, no,one is punished and life goes on, the same delinquents are arrested and then released a few days later to continue the local terrorism of robberies and a continuous persecution and revenge from all sides and all day. There are now groups of entirely unknown people that come in and out of small fishing villages but this is part of life here, in the country of peace, to getting fully armed for extreme self defense., knowing that everyone is in on it and then of course avoiding their trigger bitches, those aggressive people that want you to react so that they have a valid reason to get rid of you, physically and legally.

And it’s all day.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 17, 2017

The Underprivileged Female

Females are born with a few disadvantages, they are discriminated daily due to their gender, they are slightly smaller and not as physically strong. Their voices are barely heard in our society but they are the running force of every family and community.


Females spend more time and money on everyone else but herself and she many times denies herself healthcare and proper nutrition. She is not offered the big jobs nor the big salaries ( except for in modeling and entertainment where the female is the highest paid of all of them and that is where the males prefer to see them). She is additionally often used and people try to trick females more. A woman is by nature self sacrificing and protective while men culturally are more detached and always put themselves first, even before their children. Women are used to think of themselves secondly and take all the responsibility while, if she is from the western world, having to buy all kinds of products for simply being a woman and having a period every month and to regulate their menstruation. This is what everyone culturally also expects from her since the males have a free pass to do what they please without the responsibilities, females are that smiley spice that can be removed when uncomfortable, angry or difficult. Everyone seems to think what males do is accepted and should be, at least pretty much everyone I know are trained to accept and go around their behavior.

A good woman with a heart knows that she only needs a peaceful foundation to be happy and productive and that her peace of mind and levels of consciousness are possibly altered when our entire society and the males either ignore her or disrespect her. Some have the strength to keep loving but others simply turn cold. This is the direct effect of this society.
A woman who has has a child with a failing male will be vulnerable in every way, economically, security wise and emotionally etcetera but a strong woman certainly will not lay die down and give up. A society or culture that doesn,t back her, the female pillar, is not worth a single page in our history books.

There are only two choices; accepting things the way they are or changing them.

An intelligent female puts her society against the wall and demands respect, it’s either that or she takes over.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 15, 2017

La Cobardia Masculina

La manera en que se mueve demasiado de los hombres aqui, de una manera tan cobarde, hechos por gordos, materialistas y avaros, con ese pensamiento de corto plazo para rellenar esas barrigas y placeres tan vulgares, esta manera tan infantil de hacer cosas de manera tan oportunista, sin pensar en las consequencias de sus actos, no es solo deplorable, pero ademas demasiado estupido.


Como para el hombre vago y mediocre es mas facil matar venados, faltarle el respecto hacia la mujer, usar a ninos indefensos antes de presionar sus politicos y enteras institutos corruptos (me imagino por el miedo que les tienen) siguen dia tras dia en la cobardia total y se nota que cada año hay menos y menos machos de verdad.

Ya saben que les cobran impuestos sobre la gasolina para arreglar las calles y ademas un marchamo bastante caro para el mismo fin pero de fijo tienen que ser los peores calles en Centroamerica y todavia nadie ha levantado la voz con el fin de un cambio (mientras que en Honduras si que el pueblo reacciono por faltarle respeto).

Pero siguen levantado negocios illicitos como para ir en la misma honda o porque es mas facil que traspasar la burocracia y la oligarquia que sigue mandando como hierro fundido en los paises pobres. Cada ley imperfecta de mierda que hace se constituye muy rapido pero cuesta dissolver, mas bien despues de rellena con mas y mas detalles, ley A, ley B, version C, hasta que llegas a un chaos imposible. Casi todos los casos se prescriben porque los jueces estan desmayados o en otra cosa. Todo esto es muy preocupante para un inversionista. Nadie quiere perderse en ningun abismo eternal y mucho menos en un pais que no respeta ni reconoce las perdidas economicas que uno hace cuando nadie es directo y nadie dicen las cosa como son.  Un pais que sistematicamente trata a la mujer como una cosa que no se respeta. Es una gran falta de respeto hacia el empresario serio.

Aqui todo es posible hasta que llegas a la verdad.


El hecho de que la mayoridad de los abogados en el pais votaron en contra la ley de transparencia y una clara declaracion de donde proviene el dinero de sus clientes lo dice muy claro. Literalmente lo admitieron alli mismo ante todo el mundo y el OCDE que aqui en este pais hacen lo que les da las ganas. Costa Rica esta para entrar en la lista de paises que facilitan el lavado de dinero proveniente de toda clase de criminalidades y asi lo eligieron democraticamente. Alli es donde hasta parece logico legalizar todo en el pais pero por alguna razon no se hace y la unica razon mas que los embargos que otras potencias buscaran imponer, es que algunos en el gobierno estan del lado de un grupo especifico y por eso la ley simplemente sirve para deshacerse de la competicion. Por mientras todos se estan armando en este pais de paz donde uno se defiende sola porque la ley esta comprada. El impuesto que iba para la seguridad, fue cobrada pero el fin de la seguridad no se dio porque ahora dicen que eso hubiera haber side posible solo si TODOS pagaron ese impuesto y eso ya lo sabian que era obvio que no iba a pasar por eso ahora hay un dinero flotando en el aire y en realidad hubiera preferido invertir ese dinero en algo que me sale, no como sus mentiras.

Estas contradicciones entre lo que en realidad pasa en el pais y lo que ustedes dicen del pais y la manera descarada de atraer turistas y inversionistas sin la minima intencion de mantener sus promesas y seguir sin invertir en el desarollo del pais con dinero que les prestan para tal fin, hace dificil el labor intenso de los que si trabajan de manera seria y legal. Se estan haciendo una fama internacional que simplemente no les conviene y mucho menos a los que estan aqui tentando de mostrar lo bello que es el pais, esos toques simplemente no van con esta belleza.


Amor y Luz

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | October 13, 2017

Harnessing the Storms- The Haarp, an unusual instrument

If there was a way of harnessing, trigger, steer or augment storms, this could certainly be used as an excellent “hidden” weapon of sorts by lesser humans. These destructive storms create extreme material destruction of entire societies just waiting to be rebuilt while putting these same countries in deeper national debt (just look at Haiti). Countries whose corruption end up finishing the perfectly job by deliberately sacrificing the poorest and most humble while leaving them in the cold justified by a relentless and voracious greed that is simply beyond explanation and to any culture based on any moral grounds gives the impression of a serious mental and chronic illness.
The last storm hits Central America, the next Africa…but then what if karma hits…or what if it spins out of control and backfires?

The fact that natural disasters and wars cause enormous preoccupation and stresses in their bodies where the body is always in a state of alert and danger and all the resources are going towards the muscles and brain, which lowers the immune system debilitating its defenses against bacterias and viruses making people sensitive to infections, colds and allergies. When a society manages to present multiple stresses at the same time, affecting incomes, security and survival, your mind and body are in a state of constant panic.

There may be specific places on earth where these natural cleansing systems that are formed to cool down the planet emanate, let’s study the Azores for example, a system of islands made out of 9 volcanoes in an underwater mountain range that supposedly is the “highest” mountain on earth or what about the importance of the Amazons in relations to earthly temperatures .


High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program- HAARP


Natural abundant resources have always been the base, drug and fuel of all industries but rarely are these finds thoroughly appreciated like they should be nor dealt with in careful, sustainable ways to ensure survival and joy of the entire living planet AND the beings that live on and off its resources.
The consecutive atomic test bombings in the pacific islands, in the deserts and other ” remote” areas like straight into the skies do obviously have serious consequences in other areas of the planet that are intricately connected energetically to these spots on top of the fact that they cause an immense pollution, destructive negative energy and sounds that are possibly for many species deadly vibrations and radioactive garbage of which humanity still have no idea what to do with…?
They simply didn’t,t think that far, or they simply didn’t,t care, whatever it is, it is preoccupying how far people go without thinking, blinded by power. They are literally trying to stuff it back into the earth in a totally unnatural super stupid deadly concentration.

We are intricately connected to Mother Earth, what you do to her will be felt in you.

If she makes it, you make it.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 28, 2017


We live insulted all day, people are in our face telling us what we are and what we can’t be.

When insults and negative emotions rule we are dealing with a diseased, unhealthy and tense environment.

A person that cannot control what comes out of their mouths are the same kind of people you could lead to do anything as long as you know what triggers them.
They have a latent mental-emotional instability that takes over their entire existence.

I notice a maniatic development in humans, where deception, intimidation, violence, threat, manipulations and plain insanity has become part of the normal day, almost overwhelmingly so, a society where one pretty much feels in constant unease and even possible danger. It’s also very disturbing to see how people go in and out of these rages as if nothing happened, as if they won,t or don,t want to understand the undignified intensity and damage caused by their physical, emotional violence and additionally pretty much expect you to accept this behavior, because that is just how they are…?

respect (1).jpg

There is a huge space in between talking and doing, people tend to spend more time talking about things than resolving them, getting worked up about them and finding excuses. And they can literally take five minutes to destroy something that took someone a life to build up without feeling anything.

Respect is out the door when no one even bothers to follow up on their words.

People know perfectly how to say – I love you, but a lot of the time their actions don,t show it, their actions are always ego centered and plain evil. There is no stability in their ways. They will give only to take when their mood changes. This kind of person simply only loves conditionally, as long as you do what you are expected to deserve that love.

You don,t have to prove yourself to no one but yourself and God, simply reach as high as you can. People in the dark are blinded by the success of the light and its workers. There is no stopping of what is coming without a total destruction of the old constructs of thoughts that rule and define our limiting reality.

You want to wake up and feel good, comfortable and loved, hold and carry that vibe out into the world so that others can experience this great feeling of feeling good about yourself.

And then see what you can do.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 25, 2017

Devilish – A song

He moves like the devil
Watching every female coming in
Hey babe
Let me seduce you with my beauty
Let me confuse the reality with an illusion
For one
Listen to me
I just wanna satisfy my ego
Build up my fantasy world with Lego
Pretend I,m the king and get laid all day
Then I repeat the same shit day after day
When you see what I,m really like
It’s already to late
I,m running and running far away
Cause responsibility is not my thing
I just wanna pretend to be a king
Passive power, control and a lil bit of undignified glory
If even for a moment everyone believe my story
Then for that moment I live it up
I even thinking I,m going up and up
But really he’s, digging his own grave
But this pretty face can’t see that far
For as long as he looks hot in his car

-Nothing else matters than what I want it to be
Come on baby
Just follow me

For all of you that fell in this trap
Watch your doors close rap by rap
Just keep yourself to your drama or I snap
Now watch me close the gender gap;

If you ain’t loving you ain’t nothing worth
Everything you do makes me wanna puke
Nice game play cause that we even met must be a bad random fluke
cause someone colder than fuck just doesn,t get me going
Then I,m better off here with God and my children sowing and sowing



Aya Thorgren ACAM Costa Rica 2017


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 16, 2017

When You Know You are Right

When you are doing everything right and with the correct intention and are always punished for it, it will make you either question your sanity or the absolute insanity created by our patriarchal society.
They would prefer you do the first, to somehow convince you that there is something wrong with you, try and find imperfections, but never, ever look at their immense failures and lies.
Empty promises, evil manipulations, horrific ego trips and creating specific conditions where they literally consciously seed a problem to later on have something to use against the same subject is quite common in our society. These behaviors are pretty much accepted amongst power thirsty males of which our planet abound. You can clearly see it displayed among politicians, businessmen and others.

These contradictions are being seeded intentionally by devilry( negative intentions) so that eventually you experience despair which will take you to do everything you shouldn,t.

It additionally seems that they also want you to accept it, these absurd lies and conditions because if you noticed, they can get pushy to violent even with words, add stern eyes, use pressure to try and convince you, try and hit below the belt pulling up whatever they can get a hold of, especially when they see your,re not that easy, when it hits them, that you are totally and completely aware of your ability to think and make decisions on your own.

Women like I, for example, won,t buy into that.

I still don,t get it how a leader of s religious group that officially reject females can come out and say: the origin of the problems in the world is inequity…hellloooooooo….should they not stand by example first before speaking..? Or is he saying that he just loves that inequity, because without it he wouldn,t feel so special? Or is he the only one in there that got it but no one else in there wants the change of being just plain equals?
The most disturbing part was probably seeing everyone celebrating this profound but somewhat confusing statement said by someone they see as an idol…but clearly without thinking straight.
A congress man in Costa Rica felt that equality was going to make women so much more privileged than men and he simply couldn,t believe it and was against this, for him, clearly shocking change…..?

Isn’t the act so much more powerful than the word, or let’s say an absolute necessity to close the cycle and get on with it?
Repeating words that are not being followed by action is called procrastination and is the main reason why the global problems of humanity are never resolved, why people starve more than ever, why they are suffering more than ever, why we still talk about the global heating problem since I was 12 and species after species go extinct, but no one has followed up on the action, which is the absolute point.

The harmful moves these planetary males do to feel better about themselves at the cost of the nutrition, health and lives of other beings; the actual living planet, women, children, animals, waterways and plants is an abominable act and absolutely rejected by higher and more intelligent societies.
And so, it is stupid.

A society that doesn,t include the well being of ALL will never be complete or even functional.

If something evil has been done to you, for Gods sake do not repeat it but reject it fully and be strong enough to still be who you are, a peaceful, loving, good person with great potential, someone who won,t be so easily moved by lesser beings with lesser vibrations whose only intention is to destabilize or use you whenever they get a chance, but be able to successfully plow through all the shit in your way and come through perfectly.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | September 10, 2017

Being Real

Most people give more attention to appearance and appearing than to their actions.
If what you do is rotten it certainly doesn’t matter what you are wearing when you do it, or which car you are driving nor does that vehicle, garment or face mask cover up or hide or make prettier your dark soul. Extreme greed is extremely visible and noticed and additionally disgusting and shocking in so many ways. Note that it makes humans feel omnipotent and invincible and above the natural laws, which is the first mistake. Any “primped up “word made up to cover up the reality is revealed the very next dawn since there is no hiding on such small planet overseen.
Light always dissipates darkness, knowledge ignorance and love hatred.
The actions define who you are, nothing else.
Talk that isn,t followed up by action simply does not count. It’s just talk.

A promise without fulfillment is as empty and superficial as the soul that proclaims it.

A lifestyle or philosophy without a firm foundation is like a dry leaf in the wind, it moves with every slight breeze and only crumbles too easily.
Use these scattered pieces to compost and nourish a new way.
Plant a plant today because you may need its oxygen and medicine tomorrow.

Do nice things, it actually makes you feel good about yourself.


It is the key to truly enjoying life.

Love & Light


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