Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 15, 2017

Marriage- A Physical/ Material Union

Even if we would like it to when one gets married there isn,t Angels coming down from heaven and blessing your union with eternal love ensuring that your love remains the same forever…as you sign that paper…but it’s a legal document that defines material belongings in case of a very probable separation since in the physical, material and carnal nothing ever remains the same over long periods of time but is in a constant state of shifting while in the spiritual nothing changes standing upon a firm timeless foundation.

That is why I once again wonder why these futuristic people of all varied genders yearn so much for a union that is simply not necessary, only in material terms, and has nothing to do with love on spiritual levels..?

Working as a force, together, going in any direction has a lot of power, but specially in the direction of intelligent self preservation.
If you get it, together, you can become an invincible force. If your energies are all over, the place and divided then neither will you be able to manifest any big things or mayor changes together making both of you feel frustrated. This stems from a lack of discipline, direction and self confidence.

People take a lot of things for granted, like if you look closely at every details of our plant, animal and human vessels one remains simply amazed, the fact that humans can create little humans, manifest little people onto this earth, is very crazy!! Like how spectacular is that? Then if you look at the people who shine the most that surround you they give out a nice vibration and light that add to your day and makes it extra happy and grateful than you already are, for one, for being alive and get to explore your physical sensory “antennas” in a place full of nature where every single being is totally different and have totally different needs and uses and you get to explore all this step by step!

Now how great isn,t that?
If you are bored you are in the wrong space of mind.


Just the fact that you have flushing toilets is quite great, much better than other alternatives, much more glamorous…lol…or for example having flows of water coming out of the bathroom faucets, so great, never forget how awesome this is, how much time this spares you so all this extra time you get after working hard to buy for example a washing machine should be worthwhile and well spent in for example creative ideas in relation to your great business idea, or free up time in nature to contemplate important steps, make real food and not getting slower, lazier, more indulgent, superficial, synthetically bored, hard to please, collector of useless things of bad quality/ garbage enhancer then it’s probably better you wash your clothes by hand and at least get some exercise and stop thinking stressful or distractive thoughts. All these great comforts should free up some routine drudgery space and energy to enjoy the good parts of life in pure enjoyment.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 15, 2017

Weaknesses – Addictions to Wealth

Most people have a weakness, something they like and simply seem to not be able to control, it may be foods, men or women, alcohol, drugs, gambling, gossip or shopping( extreme materialism) while others have addictions that take you places, like having a difficulty regulating your working hours and loving it so much you forget about time, place and almost everything else (and hopefully not the family since they are usually the drive). You are making more than you have time to spend and you live simply but have everything you need. You don,t worry about money but have it when needed. You don,t worry as much about what people will think of for example your car but be more concerned about if it works, if you really need it and if it works for you, nor do you ever worry about what people say or even think about you since it doesn,t change your life a bit and you simply laugh about speculation which is part of believing in yourself. Many people come from dysfunctional families and with low self confidence where everything is a problem, full of pressures and everyday is full of extreme stresses. Once they make it they may fill their lives with valuable ” things” or stock up their house with packaged processed foods, when what they really need is to first set up a calm, happy grounding healthy family scene full of trust where everyone knows that they are loved and supported no matter what. Do things together, make your children experience what it is to be loved. Make a garden together, cook together, show them practical things. Have them experience true unconditional love.


There is probably nothing worse or more heart breaking than when someone makes you feel that you are worth nothing to them because they can’t perceive or see your true wealth (which is who you are) but they are really and only into the things you can get them. It is quite a wake up call when you realize that all you are to them is money and you mean absolutely nothing to do them if you have none. These are simply cold people with very little spirituality.

It makes me think of the impression Latin women give in regards think to the men. This is a very old style traditional culture. The man ( usually) takes pride in that the woman does not work but if the man can’t keep up with her fancy material needs she will immediately loose respect for the guy and look down at him as a looser provider while taking on the position to deny or comply with sex depending on status and how much they receive and she will show immediate interest and play on competition with other men from one minute to the next depending on her emotions and mood. She also knows very well how carnal most men are and in a way easy to seduce, if that is the goal, so the pressures and jealousy is pushed to extremes. It’s rare that a Latin woman trusts a man and reverse.
The way the women stay at home when children are young is very intelligent for the child’s development but it’s also the perfect moment to take some time to develop a business while you are at it. This is where the male chauvinist won,t support her since he likes to have total and complete financial control over his woman since this is his tool of manipulation to ensure that she stays by his side and is not out -conquered by another male while having too much freedom, a male chauvinist will want his woman to do what he wants, have his children and be his sex partner, he can have several women of course, but his women have to adore him only and will be punished materially.

There seems to exist two types of spenders, the impulse buyer and the thinking consumer. The first one tries to cover up an inner need ( maybe love and emotional security) with something material and finds no fulfillment, the second one realizes he needs only him or herself and the love for his family, that everything else is extra and if he buys anything it had better be at least practical, healthy and serve some serious function in their life or they will find those items totally unnecessary. The first one only simply works, buys and “blows” money on ” things”. The second one is always investing and moving forwards on the exact same things. One is always and pretty much only consuming, stressing to make ends meet, while the other one is continuously and endlessly creating.

The same goes for being ” too spiritual” while here on physical Planet Earth, having one morally correct group that renounces everything evil and prays ( calls upon good vibrations) and the other one that does and consumes everything within the material without any consciousness of physical limits. If we were to renounce the carnal, physical and material totally and completely, it would be impossible to maintain a physical body or to feed our children so that they grow, that is why we must find a perfect balance and make divine (raise the vibration of) our body “meat ” as much as we possibly can so that our physical and somewhat boring and unfulfilling ” lower level “existence take on a divine purpose with an adventurous tinge to it.

That also goes for having male chauvinist men making most of the big decisions, even if terrible and coming with disaster projectation, while the more grounded women and mothers seem to be the most likely group to make intelligent decisions based on the future and survival of the future generations, not the endless desires and pleasure of the ego tripping patriarchy.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 2, 2017

Interpersonal Relationships- Inner Happiness

Only stay around good vibrations, if someone makes you feel, uncomfortable, insecure, paranoid and unsafe, cut off. If you feel someone cannot be trusted, they probably can’t. Remember that most people at this moment in time, are very and only physical, material and carnal even if initially spiritual beings, which means that if you speak in terms of how many of them can control such matters we are speaking of very few, in that case you can almost be certain, only if we look at how things are right now, that most people will due to ego and flattery( more than the physical activity within the body) will go in any direction when presented the opportunity while totally justifying it somehow.

That is why if you are a spiritual person with great respect ( self respect and towards the other) self – control and discipline any relationship may be totally distracting and un -blissful. If your exchange is purely carnal then if that other can to that with you they can do that with anyone, it is only if your meeting is experienced as super conscious when it encompasses everything. Not just saying spiritual quotes when in reality worshipping money but being that love that will not manipulate for comforts.

When you have that great feeling of inner happiness and flow, having an un- flowing conflictive insecure personality around could become exasperating and there is no point in it.
Thus becoming accustomed to large periods of time in nature and contemplating larger things than our sexuality can become a great adventure that takes us out of the norm of doing the ” normal things” that are expected of mere mortals. This makes you strong on all levels and sure about who you are, what you want with your life and what you will and will not accept, your honored boundaries.


Light & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 29, 2017

Catch them when they are Young

I am not sure if humans are are aware of how dangerous it is for our society to let young people be mistreated, lied to or abused. That includes having them pass starvation and ceaseless stress. These people may easy turn into very angry, emotionally unstable and sometimes even dangerous people.


This is where the focus of our society should be, look at how the youngest are doing, and the marginalized…are they loved or tortured?
This will mark them for life and define all their relations.
This will also define our society and our survival as a species through our relations to all living beings, known and unknown.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 28, 2017

Extorsion – Personal, Cultural and Political

This is when someone uses mind tricks and persuasion to have you fall into certain mind and physical/ material traps using threats, force and fear. People are known to use extortion thinking they can force an outcome quicker if they use pressure, fear and force. This is not right. This is not true either. Few can conclude anything under stress, but what is certain is that they can make huge mistakes.


Be aware of small time people doing you little favors since these kind of people simply don,t do people favors but only fork out time or money expecting something enormous of you. They will also use anything they can get their hands on against you, so don,t reveal personal details that they will only try and use to extortionate you in a near future, or in the worst place, make money on. Like for example when looser men date famous women that they end up revealing personal information of, or show a personal image to the world, or sue for maintenance, those types. Add frustrated non famous family members that hate you and other envious peoples. These are not curious personalities that test things nor do they have the brains to invest in anything but they are usually mediocre, average intelligence people and their limited brain may even try and justify certain crimes to facilitate the life of these illogical high spenders who like to blow money on passing things.


For example my ex -husband used to create huge dramas and cause violence when having to clearify accounts, he would rant and rave and freak out and break something in the house to try and stress me to just hand any money over and this was simply the only way to get rid of him, he wouldn,t stop until he got what he wanted, things like that. He knew that if he continued causing havoc the easiest way to get rid of him knowing that I love peace of mind, was to throw money at him at least not to have to live in shameful drama, because he would do hilarious dramas in front of others, just like my mother is accustomed to doing, to try and shame me in front of others. This they do to have a sort of hold on you based on absolutely nothing more than someone just made vulnerable your privacy and integrity which is very evil. This is something they do to manipulate you. And it doesn,t stop, the more you have the worse they get and they are continuously watching you to see what they can get, it is part of the emotional extortion with whom one must keep a great distance. Just stay a way from people like that, don,t answer the phone nor their mails. After a while you become an expert at discerning these types and their true intentions.

Don,t let anyone bully you, keep doing what you need to do at your pace or the pace needed to conclude things ignoring any pressures from the outside. These people, can try and ruin entire days, they are very toxic people that can affect your moods in a fatal way if you are not aware. Any person that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable or even aggressive should be kept at a distance, they are trying hard to show a ” nice” profile but their true colors show when they feel frustrated in their attempts to manipulate you and you don,t react. Notice the violent sickness behind this type of behavior and maintain a serious distance. They have at least four personalities.

For example the other day we had 7 neighbors mostly men and village association people watch our bridge that was completely washed out by the strong river due to that their giant truck broke the first bridge that I had paid for while taking materials from the beach. Even if it was a public road, this facilitated ICE to put in electricity for everyone on that road, this means that since that day these people now get electricity( for free- to -your -door) but do you think anyone of these neighbors are going to come up with the measly amount we need for the bridge along with the Municipality who are supposed to be paying for it but can’t figure it due to the immense corruption?

NOPE, in between all of them they are NOT moving, to see if they can save a penny, or see if anyone else can pay for it so that they can go shopping freaking electronics. They are moving like they are stuck in glue and it is NOT attractive. To be honest with you I find it totally miserable and cheap that they took out the entire beach to dump it in our river while making a stone age style bridge ( simply dumping the sand and rocks on top of the sewer only to have to do it two more times after that since it didn,t work because the rains would just keep washing it off).

In between ALL the neighbors and the Municipality they simply couldn,t get it together….in two days …when I have already done it once and perfectly in a few hours…with just a little bit of cement…?

I assume that when Luis Guillermo Solis went to promote Costa Rica to the Saudis, he either forgot about the roads or it couldn’t be that he is expecting them to also make the roads, lol, because have you seen the type of cars they drive…? It, s details…but freaking important ones.

This is how inert and lazy most humans and especially male chauvinists are and watch what the next stupid excuse is going to be at why they just can’t do it, or get it together, because here darling, if you have the money you simply go ahead and freaking do it, allright?

But then of course, only if you want me to call you a real society, man or woman.

Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 26, 2017

Absolute Focus

What you need in life is focus and a great group of people to collaborate with, you don,t need stress, or someone eager, mediocre and lazy that didn,t get the point of action stirring you on.





Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 24, 2017

Don,t take it out on yourself

Some people when dealing with pressures take things out on others or, if a compassionate heart many times on themselves. This is because they do not yet understand that You are in control of not letting any outer negative energy from any direction enter into your sphere or alter you or what you do in any way. A person
Iike this knows how to distinguish that bad vibe from who they are. This type of energy causes immediate unease and if exposed to for long periods of time can cause emotional blockages followed by disease.


This outer energy is not you, so let it not interfere in your doings.

The force that we call God,  expansive love energy is inside of you and it is what you are, a shining reflection of something huge and encompassing and it feels only great and should absolutely not feel foreign to who you are.


Love & Light

Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 23, 2017

Letting go of Worry- Step by Step

There is the one thing you learn and that is that life here on Earth is intense and a lot of times in a bad way, only because humans choose to experiment it like that because in reality it is totally harmonic, blissful, joyful and great.


Right now the vibration of too many humans is very negative and toxic which makes for an uncomfortable experience, it’s dissonant and gives a tangible bad feeling. But the other thing I also learned is that just when you think that everything seems impossible and very dark, right before dawn, there is always that one light, that one person, that one move that opens up everything and takes you into the next dimension.



The worst thing you can do to yourself and others is to worry. Worry is a negative stagnant energy that can make you not only sick to your stomach but much more. It’s like a down spiraling faithless feeling with no bottom to it.

Just move step by step, even if it feels like its in slow motion, take the obvious steps because all its going to do is prepare you, get you more ready for what is coming up.

There may be something you didn,t catch yet that is hugely important at your next level.


You don,t want to be spending more money on updating ID documents and taxes than you are on living, so stand up for yourself. If the governments want to see some real money and know who you are, then facilitate intelligent business, if not stay back with the costly complications and delays. I would have rather built the bridge out there than paying all kinds of taxes, like for example this corporate tax, from which I yet see no return whatsoever, if you know what I mean. I would to have loved to have bought myself a freaking transport with that, something that I actually need.


Let’s get down to practicality and action.



Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 20, 2017

The Provider- A Future with No Anxieties – Parental Guidance

Before considering being a parent, what have you done to provide for a calm, healthy and prosperous environment?
Children don,t live on bread alone but also need emotional stability and can absolutely not be stressing about whether the grown ups can provide for a stable emotional and physical environment like food, love and a home and not trigger climate changes caused by extreme consumerism. Make sure that they understand that an exaggerated consumption of unnecessary things does create a problem with our survival as a species.

Having things is not the absolute goal in life.

A parent and society must be completely sure about what they are doing since any uncertainty causes tension and stress. When you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it. Sometimes we have blocks, they may be mental or physical that inhibit us from manifesting what we promise. Explain to them what these blocks are, why they exist and work on removing those blocks quickly. If the society won,t let you move because you are a woman for example, make sure to change that, because that is not an excuse. If it’s the laws and governments change those too. We react emotionally to needs we have so make sure to fulfill those needs whether it be security, well being, accomplishment or affection.

Remember to explain to them that their purity, good will, logics and common sense may very possible be rejected in our un- cult society so that they cultivate strength when experiencing adversity. Make them feel special for being who they are, let them know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with how they think and perceive life, that even if they feel like they don,t fit in there is a reason behind it, and that is that they are forging a new society and new way of thinking. Many children today are challenging our educational systems and more and more are finding that what they teach is not interesting or even totally true. It is because our education is still based on the industrial revolution and economical slavery to large industries and it doesn,t reflect our current reality, which is to detach from all that and do your own thing. Don,t make them feel like freaks for having seen through a societal lie, for not wanting to memorize useless information and to want to do it their way, be open to what they have to say about it and listen, because children come in more advanced and intelligent as we speak.


Remember that the moment you decide to become a parent, you become their pillar and strength and your only mission is to make sure they make it without taking advantage of them nor constinously telling them what to do and how to do it, or make them feel bad for who they are with constant and unnecessary criticism.

Be nice and understanding. Guide them some and then let them think on their own.


Forget your ego, your vices beyond basic needs because you are now the extension of someone else’s life and they should always come before you, no matter what.
If they do not, don,t have children, that means you are not ready. If you are having children as some sort of status symbol, because that is what people do at a certain age or to have a loyal little copy of yourself that adore you and do what you say, you are having children for all the wrong reasons.

Love & Light


Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 20, 2017

La Educacion para fines Nobles

Es interesante que muchos de los que hacen decisiones en el pais han viajado y estudiado en lugares increibles, en las escuelas mejores del mundo y absorbiendo muchissima informacion pero el momento que regresan al pais es como que nunca les entro en la cabeza de copiar como lo hacen en otros paises como para avanzar pero si que les da por juzgar y sentirse omnipoderosos, usar palabras inusuales sabiendo por lo menos deletrear y juzgar a los que no lo saben, pero al final se mueven como si no lograron retener lo importante ni usar esa gran educacion para fines nobles, que era lo importante, y todavia no entiendo como pueden dejar a los diputados del Congreso hacer leyes sin saber nada de justicia y como hacer una ley impermeable, tendrian que colaborar con expertos en el tema sino solo pierden tiempo.


Pues ni mencionas esa envidia hacia los que se han movido afuera del confort y arriesgado para llegar a algun lado que solo hace pensar al trauma emocional de los comunistas ( y si uno nota siempre cuando cae un regimen comunista, por alguna razon sale otro….) que a la gente pobre les cuesta soñar, siguen comparandose con los demas, parece como que no quieren ver a nadie, ni su gente, compadres ni el pueblo papudo por ninguna razon y la gran pregunta es: ¿¿¿Porque sera??? ¿Que es eso? ¿De donde sale esa malicia, retroceso y falta de auto estima?

Imaginese como seria EEUU si la gente pensaban asi?


Lei algo que me hizo reir tanto por El Topo de la Teleguia en la cual una cierta Elena Correa fue elegida para ser Miss Costa Rica sin la competicion porque por alguna razon no la van a hacer este año y como ella fue virreina el otro año entoncez la eligieron y dice El Topo;  “…aca parece que tener dinero y belleza es pecado capital…vamos por partes como diria Jack el Destripador…el bullying al que ha sido sometida la pareja no solo por la diferencia de edad entre Elena y su novio Carlos Rodriguez sino porque el es un hombre acaudalado y esta combinacion, para muchos, es imperdonable….hacen que los ataques contra otros blancos frequentes de apaleadas publicas parezcan un encuentro con Cristo…😂😂😂….justo como Macron y su esposa…(con 25 años de diferencia) y aunque todo el mundo pondera el romanticismo de su historia de amor, bastante basura intromisiva tuvieron que bancarse durante años.”

Amor y Luz

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