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Eat greens and reds! Sprouts and dark leafed greens.Eat bananas. Drink carrot, beet, parsley and ginger JUICE to purify the blood. Wheatgrass juice, spirulina and beepollen. Take tonics of red clover, echinacea and chickweed to rejuvenate your cells.. Drink water with organic fresh lemons for Vitamin C. Drink herbal teas. Eat berries!

Anti-inflammatory smoothie: Organic Yogurt, grated cocoa beans and strawberries, raspberries or blueberries.

Coconut oil: Contacins lauric acis, its a powerful anti bacterial and anti viral that keeps viruses, infections, inflammations and acne at distance, Has fatty acids and vitamin E that collaborate in hidration, softness and absense of wrinkles.

Visualize yourself completely healthy and affirm out loudly , everyday and on pieces of paper all around the house : Thank You Universe for my perfect health and happiness! Bathe your body in the color green.


Stress, emotional stress, negative energies and not eating a balanced diet will lower your immunesystem.


When We Are Harmoniously Tuned…

“Disease doesn’t exist. Instead of thinking of it as a disease – I’d like for you to think of it for a moment as energy, with a frequency. It is energy with a frequency that is inhabiting your body that is not in harmony with the frequency at which your body was created in association with God. It’s just an incompatible frequency that’s all it is. It’s just a frequency that if it continues to occupy your body, your body cannot survive.”

― Wayne W. Dyer, There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

Cure yourself




The causes of 80% of cancers are viruses, stress, radiation, chemicals and alcohol, the other 20% are genetic (hereditary) which could have to do with genepools that are weak/ too similar.



Love yourself, You are perfect!




Prayer for Protection

Father, Mother, God – I affirm that I am cleared and cleansed of any and all negativity from within and without, that it be sent back to its source of emanation and encapsulated in the Ultra-Violet Blue Light, Purple-Transmuting Flame, never again to interfere with, bother or pervade anyone in any shape or form or in anyway. I also affirm that I am encapsulated in the Pure White Light, for Love and Protection, Wisdom and Guidance, Health, Healing, Happiness, and Prosperity. I thank you for this Blessing, knowing that it has already been received, and that it is for my Highest Good.
I am also open and receptive to the Loving, Caring, Guiding Influences of my Inner Teachers, Guides and Masters, the Beings of Love and Light, willing and able to be with me during this day and night and at all times. I invite and accept the Higher and the Highest Energies into my life. So Be It.”

Love and Light

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