I can help guide any Village, Town, Country, entire Civilization or CORPORATION into The New Economy.
Contact me at : ecointelligence(at)

I have shared my ideas with many world leaders and people alike explaining the environmental economy strategy that is needed to not only create digne working opportunities but also a healthier Planet for the People.



if you cannot afford them I give them for free, for You you who can pay you will be supporting this following and are, of course, greatly appreciated:

Aya -Karin Thorgren is a swedish environmental actvist that is known for being concerned about World issues, owns several properties for preservation of rainforest having in these last 20 years created a biological corridor with her neighbours and adjoining National Park, Cabo Blanco Absoluta, where animals can pass undisturbed.She took the initiative to start up Asociacion de Desarollo Integral de Cabuya (ADICA), Costa Rica, in 2004, also writes books on a realistic ecological world, self and inner power, sustainable economy, village solutions( Charity for Compassion, Pakistani Rural Government, Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Costa Rica Universities and many other countries), poetry, music, makes a line of organic skincare , eco construction and promotes products of the indigenous groups of Costa Rica.

Latest Project:


This is a project that will help people living in poverty to make it to a middle class level. Our organization would help people start up small and family run businesses, all the way, with START –UP funds.

1) We will help the people find their talents and offer possible educational needs (incl Business Administration, Marketing and Web Marketing Courses, MindMovies).
2) We will help prepare a business plan and provide the opportunity to make this idea happen .
3) We will help to follow through and guide along the way as the problems emerge.
4) We will provide web support for all businesses (FREE or domains (for sales on Clickbank where sales are augmented by offering high (around 40% commission)) and create a functioning business network and so present opportunities for business.
5) The idea is to maintain a healthy approach and focus on healthy ,needed products and services, promoting ECO-DISTRIBUTION ( distribution using electrical or bio diesel run vehicles, use only biodegradable packaging and produce only clean quality products.

Mother Earth 08/13/ 2010

Bottom Up Investment Network by Cookie Scott

Aya-Karin Thorgren
E-mail: excointelligence(at)
Web site:
Skype: aya.karin.thorgren

“I appreciate the beauty and healing qualities of all that is Natural in this World.”

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