Posted by: Aya Thorgren | November 1, 2017

Apathy- being slammed against our society

There is a recurrent reaction to being slammed from all sides (augmenting the feel of never getting where you are heading) among humans and that is that more and more people are reacting with apathy. Reason being is that they feel like there is simply no point in trying to do anything since they have attempted every path but sick societal systems make everything impossible, they had no justice when right, a sequestered independence, a false democracy, no solid support with their projects from anywhere, no family or government collaborating (within families where no one seems to get it together, someone is usually a faithless substance abuser on at least alcohol, a huge ego trip and absent, everyone is fighting, they are clearly dysfunctional and only rarely does one strong personality make it out there to do something bigger but almost never as a unified force with the family, not only because these same people are not only harmed but oftentimes very destructive, self destructive and abusive with no respect, these people experience the world as chaotic without remedy and everyone and their grandma is their enemy and it’s obviously much harder to see or make the changes or trying to be objective while totally attacked and submerged in the problems with no confidence.

To get out of the apathy we have to try and look beyond this 3 D dimension and understand the limitless source and the limitations of three dimensional thinking. Societies should try and create more socially inclusive and fun environments where one can explore ones creativity, find your talents and inner source instead of like it is now; always slamming people (and specially youth when dealing with their third world governments that won,t invest a penny in them)with a rotund NO or “that is not possible or will it ever be” that ” no one lives their dream” or ” I never nursed my babies” or whatever it is they resent never having done, until a person simply closes down and gives up on everything.

I used to stress soo much about our situation affecting me and specially my sons in too many ways until deep inside I had to somewhere accept that it had been totally created and created by the fathers on their immense ego trip, consciously with the consent of this entire apathic society, even if it was shocking and cruel , me and my sons were simply the sacrifice they couldn,t care less about.

You only need to prove things to yourself, and take responsibility for yourself and your children that are God, honestly, no one else matters but God in that sense, that is the light that you are and God totally and completely loves you where humanity and your parents failed. You don,t need to prove anything to anybody.

A corrupt, evil, patriarchal -death- worshipping society will never admit the power of a light until it’s out. Or the importance and warmth of a mother, until she is gone.




That is why I want to se you make it, to prove them wrong.

Love & Light



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