Posted by: Aya Thorgren | August 12, 2017

God Supports- while humans test faith

The fact is that the Universe guides and supports you 24/7 and that God does not test his people but in faith only. Humans on the other hand can be a real challenge, they, through their limited consciousness level and extreme faithlessness do cruel things without even noticing, they live without any care testing people’s patience all day.
This may have its origin in our cold unloving materialistic, cynical and toxic culture.

If you are dealing with someone on a superficial level, they can easily be exchanged, in fact, on that level, everyone is replaceable. If you are looking for mere corporal sex, a light relationship or a provider you will simply replace that partner when it doesn,t work for you anymore, but if you are looking for something deeper then it becomes more of a voyage where you can’t just ” get rid of” the other partner but there is something you need to learn out of your experience, about why things happen.

Sometimes things don,t happen like planned, you may not experience a boom in your career, a first love or a great connect with someone until you are half way through your life. You may even find yourself making love for the first time just because there is actually love. Don,t live with finding a partner as your ultimate goal, but explore your self a little. Look at a partner as a spice not the main course for a while. Don,t have casual sex either only because it’s overrated. Partners means commitment, taking time out for the relationship and a common goal. We have the common scenario of sleeping with people out of physical need and approximate convenience while day dreaming about something better and more perfect, someone that actually loves and understands us. Saying that we love someone but not showing it or not doing things in a loving way. This crack in space, of not living what we dream but always cutting ourselves short only delay our divine manifestations and augment our frustrations.


Life is easier when burdens are shared, things get done faster when more people involved, certain things are done best with physical force and others with thinking, some are better at this and others at that. God has divided himself into all his creations but only God encompasses everything, all the knowledge and every craft.

Trust that you can do your part perfectly.

Love & Light



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