Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 19, 2017

Survival Instinct

Our chances of survival have increased since the beginnings of time, we have dwellings that help us no longer sleep in the wilderness without protection from harsh weather and dangerous animals, this has on the other hand numbed down people’s natural instincts and intuitions. It makes them not react when there is danger. For example the climate change is no joke and is increasing natural disasters worldwide, specifically hurricanes that raise out of warm waters. Lack of oxygen which is a reality in every city is the cause of many diseases, headaches, stress related symptoms and low energy. A lack of high energy foods will deplete your body of its sources instead of regenerate your cells.
Go carbon neutral, shift into an alternative clean energy source, plant trees, consume products that are not harmful for you or your planet. 


This should be your only focus right now, weave it into everything you do, it is a concrete shift that makes an immediate impact in you and in everything around you.

Love & Light



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