Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 19, 2017


Every interaction with your surroundings can be peaceful, if you are. Or more like; if you maintain the calm you had when walking out of the house without letting negative, spiteful people get to you. There is going to be trigger bullshit all day, but one day when you see the game behind it, whose purpose is to destabilize you and throw you out of vibe and go for a lower vibrational path or have to start all over, over and over then you start to become more of an observer of devilry (negativity) from a rocklike foundation of calm.

Anything that isn’t clear should be clarified before proceeding, or put aside until more information comes in. People will try and trigger a reaction from you and the walk off as if nothing happened. Cut those people off, they serve no productive purpose in your life but seed only negativity.
Never force an outcome or you may deviate your destiny by not flowing with the force of the universe that sees everything in a much larger context. You may have missed the buss, had to cancel that appointment or have to call in sick but thanks to that today you are alive.

Just accept what is happening at those moments and trust that there is a reason behind it.

Always listen to what your soul and body says since they are intricately connected, it will give physical signs.

When speaking in terms of survival nothing on this planet, is more important than to tune in to your surroundings.


Quiet down, listen up, look up, tune in and feel things.

Don,t get distracted along the way.


Love & Light




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