Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 19, 2017

Love Connections

Since we are born out of love, higher beings are of love, they will connect through love and the higher you climb within yourself the more you will connect on higher levels with others. All living beings are connected through a network of grids of light. Many of those you feel an energetic attraction to, out of love, are actual collaborators on your path, they will trigger something in you that serves you in your internal growth in becoming something much larger than you initially may have thought was possible. You work from the heart and up. You will perceive certain people as actual angels sent from God coming with gifts of the heart. You will pass through dimensional portals that open up when you are ready and your convictions firm.

If you stay firmly in the light guided by your inner self you will not be distracted by lesser acts of others, nor drawn to going quickly into superficial type moves or sexuality letting people near to close before showing their true intentions.


Relax, take your time, enjoy the energies.


Love & Light



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