Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 15, 2017

Weaknesses – Addictions to Wealth

Most people have a weakness, something they like and simply seem to not be able to control, it may be foods, men or women, alcohol, drugs, gambling, gossip or shopping( extreme materialism) while others have addictions that take you places, like having a difficulty regulating your working hours and loving it so much you forget about time, place and almost everything else (and hopefully not the family since they are usually the drive). You are making more than you have time to spend and you live simply but have everything you need. You don,t worry about money but have it when needed. You don,t worry as much about what people will think of for example your car but be more concerned about if it works, if you really need it and if it works for you, nor do you ever worry about what people say or even think about you since it doesn,t change your life a bit and you simply laugh about speculation which is part of believing in yourself. Many people come from dysfunctional families and with low self confidence where everything is a problem, full of pressures and everyday is full of extreme stresses. Once they make it they may fill their lives with valuable ” things” or stock up their house with packaged processed foods, when what they really need is to first set up a calm, happy grounding healthy family scene full of trust where everyone knows that they are loved and supported no matter what. Do things together, make your children experience what it is to be loved. Make a garden together, cook together, show them practical things. Have them experience true unconditional love.


There is probably nothing worse or more heart breaking than when someone makes you feel that you are worth nothing to them because they can’t perceive or see your true wealth (which is who you are) but they are really and only into the things you can get them. It is quite a wake up call when you realize that all you are to them is money and you mean absolutely nothing to do them if you have none. These are simply cold people with very little spirituality.

It makes me think of the impression Latin women give in regards think to the men. This is a very old style traditional culture. The man ( usually) takes pride in that the woman does not work but if the man can’t keep up with her fancy material needs she will immediately loose respect for the guy and look down at him as a looser provider while taking on the position to deny or comply with sex depending on status and how much they receive and she will show immediate interest and play on competition with other men from one minute to the next depending on her emotions and mood. She also knows very well how carnal most men are and in a way easy to seduce, if that is the goal, so the pressures and jealousy is pushed to extremes. It’s rare that a Latin woman trusts a man and reverse.
The way the women stay at home when children are young is very intelligent for the child’s development but it’s also the perfect moment to take some time to develop a business while you are at it. This is where the male chauvinist won,t support her since he likes to have total and complete financial control over his woman since this is his tool of manipulation to ensure that she stays by his side and is not out -conquered by another male while having too much freedom, a male chauvinist will want his woman to do what he wants, have his children and be his sex partner, he can have several women of course, but his women have to adore him only and will be punished materially.

There seems to exist two types of spenders, the impulse buyer and the thinking consumer. The first one tries to cover up an inner need ( maybe love and emotional security) with something material and finds no fulfillment, the second one realizes he needs only him or herself and the love for his family, that everything else is extra and if he buys anything it had better be at least practical, healthy and serve some serious function in their life or they will find those items totally unnecessary. The first one only simply works, buys and “blows” money on ” things”. The second one is always investing and moving forwards on the exact same things. One is always and pretty much only consuming, stressing to make ends meet, while the other one is continuously and endlessly creating.

The same goes for being ” too spiritual” while here on physical Planet Earth, having one morally correct group that renounces everything evil and prays ( calls upon good vibrations) and the other one that does and consumes everything within the material without any consciousness of physical limits. If we were to renounce the carnal, physical and material totally and completely, it would be impossible to maintain a physical body or to feed our children so that they grow, that is why we must find a perfect balance and make divine (raise the vibration of) our body “meat ” as much as we possibly can so that our physical and somewhat boring and unfulfilling ” lower level “existence take on a divine purpose with an adventurous tinge to it.

That also goes for having male chauvinist men making most of the big decisions, even if terrible and coming with disaster projectation, while the more grounded women and mothers seem to be the most likely group to make intelligent decisions based on the future and survival of the future generations, not the endless desires and pleasure of the ego tripping patriarchy.


Love & Light



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