Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 15, 2017

Respect – Is someone trying to walk all over you?

There are some people that make it a ” thing” to try and find new ways to communicate the same thing, which is, that they are obsessed with you and what you do, what you get done and how you move, but instead of getting inspired by it, or moving in the same intense way, or even with you, mediocre people with little imagination are very competitive, they will want to have YOU do the job, or run for or pay for whatever it is they need and if they can’t make you do it, they take on the part of creating only obstacles and stresses, as if someone was paying them for it. While you are planning and thinking about your expenses, these people just ” blow” money as it comes. This are the same type of people that when you end up dry they only disappear, slander you or declare you a failure or useless since mediocre superficial people with little ambition are always the first ones to judge others. If you notice these people do not listen to a word that you are saying or any logical reason that you present, because the point is not to do a logical move and find a way for things to work for you, but they simple want to command you into doing what it is they want you to do, adding guilt , adding fear, add wearing you out with it, whatever it takes. They totally don,t even show gratitude for someone that have gone out of their way to move for them. These are people that want ” power ” and power over others and yearn for and live for for fame, social status and visibility but for some reason are too lazy and un disciplined to move on it so they want YOU to do the work.


If someone treats you poorly when you have no money, keep them at bay when you do. They know not love, they know not spirituality, they know not work, they know not God so why even bother?


Love & Light




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