Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 15, 2017

Marriage- A Physical/ Material Union

Even if we would like it to when one gets married there isn,t Angels coming down from heaven and blessing your union with eternal love ensuring that your love remains the same forever…as you sign that paper…but it’s a legal document that defines material belongings in case of a very probable separation since in the physical, material and carnal nothing ever remains the same over long periods of time but is in a constant state of shifting while in the spiritual nothing changes standing upon a firm timeless foundation.

That is why I once again wonder why these futuristic people of all varied genders yearn so much for a union that is simply not necessary, only in material terms, and has nothing to do with love on spiritual levels..?

Working as a force, together, going in any direction has a lot of power, but specially in the direction of intelligent self preservation.
If you get it, together, you can become an invincible force. If your energies are all over, the place and divided then neither will you be able to manifest any big things or mayor changes together making both of you feel frustrated. This stems from a lack of discipline, direction and self confidence.

People take a lot of things for granted, like if you look closely at every details of our plant, animal and human vessels one remains simply amazed, the fact that humans can create little humans, manifest little people onto this earth, is very crazy!! Like how spectacular is that? Then if you look at the people who shine the most that surround you they give out a nice vibration and light that add to your day and makes it extra happy and grateful than you already are, for one, for being alive and get to explore your physical sensory “antennas” in a place full of nature where every single being is totally different and have totally different needs and uses and you get to explore all this step by step!

Now how great isn,t that?
If you are bored you are in the wrong space of mind.


Just the fact that you have flushing toilets is quite great, much better than other alternatives, much more glamorous…lol…or for example having flows of water coming out of the bathroom faucets, so great, never forget how awesome this is, how much time this spares you so all this extra time you get after working hard to buy for example a washing machine should be worthwhile and well spent in for example creative ideas in relation to your great business idea, or free up time in nature to contemplate important steps, make real food and not getting slower, lazier, more indulgent, superficial, synthetically bored, hard to please, collector of useless things of bad quality/ garbage enhancer then it’s probably better you wash your clothes by hand and at least get some exercise and stop thinking stressful or distractive thoughts. All these great comforts should free up some routine drudgery space and energy to enjoy the good parts of life in pure enjoyment.

Love & Light



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