Posted by: Aya Thorgren | July 2, 2017

Interpersonal Relationships- Inner Happiness

Only stay around good vibrations, if someone makes you feel, uncomfortable, insecure, paranoid and unsafe, cut off. If you feel someone cannot be trusted, they probably can’t. Remember that most people at this moment in time, are very and only physical, material and carnal even if initially spiritual beings, which means that if you speak in terms of how many of them can control such matters we are speaking of very few, in that case you can almost be certain, only if we look at how things are right now, that most people will due to ego and flattery( more than the physical activity within the body) will go in any direction when presented the opportunity while totally justifying it somehow.

That is why if you are a spiritual person with great respect ( self respect and towards the other) self – control and discipline any relationship may be totally distracting and un -blissful. If your exchange is purely carnal then if that other can to that with you they can do that with anyone, it is only if your meeting is experienced as super conscious when it encompasses everything. Not just saying spiritual quotes when in reality worshipping money but being that love that will not manipulate for comforts.

When you have that great feeling of inner happiness and flow, having an un- flowing conflictive insecure personality around could become exasperating and there is no point in it.
Thus becoming accustomed to large periods of time in nature and contemplating larger things than our sexuality can become a great adventure that takes us out of the norm of doing the ” normal things” that are expected of mere mortals. This makes you strong on all levels and sure about who you are, what you want with your life and what you will and will not accept, your honored boundaries.


Light & Light




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