Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 28, 2017

Extorsion – Personal, Cultural and Political

This is when someone uses mind tricks and persuasion to have you fall into certain mind and physical/ material traps using threats, force and fear. People are known to use extortion thinking they can force an outcome quicker if they use pressure, fear and force. This is not right. This is not true either. Few can conclude anything under stress, but what is certain is that they can make huge mistakes.


Be aware of small time people doing you little favors since these kind of people simply don,t do people favors but only fork out time or money expecting something enormous of you. They will also use anything they can get their hands on against you, so don,t reveal personal details that they will only try and use to extortionate you in a near future, or in the worst place, make money on. Like for example when looser men date famous women that they end up revealing personal information of, or show a personal image to the world, or sue for maintenance, those types. Add frustrated non famous family members that hate you and other envious peoples. These are not curious personalities that test things nor do they have the brains to invest in anything but they are usually mediocre, average intelligence people and their limited brain may even try and justify certain crimes to facilitate the life of these illogical high spenders who like to blow money on passing things.


For example my ex -husband used to create huge dramas and cause violence when having to clearify accounts, he would rant and rave and freak out and break something in the house to try and stress me to just hand any money over and this was simply the only way to get rid of him, he wouldn,t stop until he got what he wanted, things like that. He knew that if he continued causing havoc the easiest way to get rid of him knowing that I love peace of mind, was to throw money at him at least not to have to live in shameful drama, because he would do hilarious dramas in front of others, just like my mother is accustomed to doing, to try and shame me in front of others. This they do to have a sort of hold on you based on absolutely nothing more than someone just made vulnerable your privacy and integrity which is very evil. This is something they do to manipulate you. And it doesn,t stop, the more you have the worse they get and they are continuously watching you to see what they can get, it is part of the emotional extortion with whom one must keep a great distance. Just stay a way from people like that, don,t answer the phone nor their mails. After a while you become an expert at discerning these types and their true intentions.

Don,t let anyone bully you, keep doing what you need to do at your pace or the pace needed to conclude things ignoring any pressures from the outside. These people, can try and ruin entire days, they are very toxic people that can affect your moods in a fatal way if you are not aware. Any person that makes you feel extremely uncomfortable or even aggressive should be kept at a distance, they are trying hard to show a ” nice” profile but their true colors show when they feel frustrated in their attempts to manipulate you and you don,t react. Notice the violent sickness behind this type of behavior and maintain a serious distance. They have at least four personalities.

For example the other day we had 7 neighbors mostly men and village association people watch our bridge that was completely washed out by the strong river due to that their giant truck broke the first bridge that I had paid for while taking materials from the beach. Even if it was a public road, this facilitated ICE to put in electricity for everyone on that road, this means that since that day these people now get electricity( for free- to -your -door) but do you think anyone of these neighbors are going to come up with the measly amount we need for the bridge along with the Municipality who are supposed to be paying for it but can’t figure it due to the immense corruption?

NOPE, in between all of them they are NOT moving, to see if they can save a penny, or see if anyone else can pay for it so that they can go shopping freaking electronics. They are moving like they are stuck in glue and it is NOT attractive. To be honest with you I find it totally miserable and cheap that they took out the entire beach to dump it in our river while making a stone age style bridge ( simply dumping the sand and rocks on top of the sewer only to have to do it two more times after that since it didn,t work because the rains would just keep washing it off).

In between ALL the neighbors and the Municipality they simply couldn,t get it together….in two days …when I have already done it once and perfectly in a few hours…with just a little bit of cement…?

I assume that when Luis Guillermo Solis went to promote Costa Rica to the Saudis, he either forgot about the roads or it couldn’t be that he is expecting them to also make the roads, lol, because have you seen the type of cars they drive…? It, s details…but freaking important ones.

This is how inert and lazy most humans and especially male chauvinists are and watch what the next stupid excuse is going to be at why they just can’t do it, or get it together, because here darling, if you have the money you simply go ahead and freaking do it, allright?

But then of course, only if you want me to call you a real society, man or woman.

Love & Light



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