Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 24, 2017

Don,t take it out on yourself

Some people when dealing with pressures take things out on others or, if a compassionate heart many times on themselves. This is because they do not yet understand that You are in control of not letting any outer negative energy from any direction enter into your sphere or alter you or what you do in any way. A person
Iike this knows how to distinguish that bad vibe from who they are. This type of energy causes immediate unease and if exposed to for long periods of time can cause emotional blockages followed by disease.


This outer energy is not you, so let it not interfere in your doings.

The force that we call God,  expansive love energy is inside of you and it is what you are, a shining reflection of something huge and encompassing and it feels only great and should absolutely not feel foreign to who you are.


Love & Light



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