Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 23, 2017

Letting go of Worry- Step by Step

There is the one thing you learn and that is that life here on Earth is intense and a lot of times in a bad way, only because humans choose to experiment it like that because in reality it is totally harmonic, blissful, joyful and great.


Right now the vibration of too many humans is very negative and toxic which makes for an uncomfortable experience, it’s dissonant and gives a tangible bad feeling. But the other thing I also learned is that just when you think that everything seems impossible and very dark, right before dawn, there is always that one light, that one person, that one move that opens up everything and takes you into the next dimension.



The worst thing you can do to yourself and others is to worry. Worry is a negative stagnant energy that can make you not only sick to your stomach but much more. It’s like a down spiraling faithless feeling with no bottom to it.

Just move step by step, even if it feels like its in slow motion, take the obvious steps because all its going to do is prepare you, get you more ready for what is coming up.

There may be something you didn,t catch yet that is hugely important at your next level.


You don,t want to be spending more money on updating ID documents and taxes than you are on living, so stand up for yourself. If the governments want to see some real money and know who you are, then facilitate intelligent business, if not stay back with the costly complications and delays. I would have rather built the bridge out there than paying all kinds of taxes, like for example this corporate tax, from which I yet see no return whatsoever, if you know what I mean. I would to have loved to have bought myself a freaking transport with that, something that I actually need.


Let’s get down to practicality and action.



Love & Light




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