Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 18, 2017

The Stagnant Industries of the Gentiles and Perpetual( Sexual) Slavery

Pornography as a Secret Weapon

This brings me back to why its hard to get anything done, because if they are not Jews(who resent and ridicule every country and culture they join, especially the Christian, while looking to take advantage of as many as possible along the way) they are promiscuous sex addicts, very possibly unstable alcoholics and/or drug addicts whose and whose only focus is chasing women (or men) and making mistakes. This is additionally great for the media which the Jews also pretty much own where they can blow up everyone’s personal problems for the world to read about while also making money on it. Then we have the promiscuous Jews who manipulate and control the entertainment industry, then the banking system, the taxes, and the judicial system while playing on eternal victimization when convenient or feeling attacked (not surprisingly having been chased out of 109 countries). These are people that are experts at creating problems and confusion purposefully, what we call set- ups, they invite chaos as to create problems for those involved, like for example subtly give you the wrong advice and hope you move on it while washing their hands off the whole thing. They play with people’s needs and take advantage of those who have very little or who move alone.
Black, Hispanic or any other exotic women (and sometimes even men) like for example Asians are simply expected to be submissive sex maniac freaks that unless playing that role only make white men and women confused. It’s only so very common for white fascist types and “white-wanna- be ” men like Jews and even certain affluent Latin male chauvinists to have an official wife that is classical, material, cold and boring as f-k but accepted by their society and then have a wild secret side life and strange fantasies that includes everything.


I have a few personal anecdotes that certainly go with this story. When I lived in New York my Jewish agents wanted me to stop nursing and were pressuring me, add that Oribe this hair dresser, had cut my entire hair while hysterical on cocaine while my agents tried to hush this all down and I was never paid for the losses, so I decided to take a small break from work. On my way out of there I met a Buddhist, he was this amazing spiritual young man that had decided as young to live a simple life in upstate New York, although his mother was a quite well known actress in Hollywood. We decided that we would meet up after I got reorganized so left the country since I needed to look after my investments in Costa Rica. When I got there my ex husband had lost his mind on drugs and was making my stay impossible so I decided to go back to Europe and start from there. I couldn,t go back to my family since they are not united at all and have serious emotional problems but ended up in Italy. Meanwhile, while I was there, this Buddhist and young man met a sexually obsessed Jewish woman and lost his mind completely, became schizophrenic and sexually deranged. What also caught my mind was that the Buddhist center he belonged to was managed by a Jew. Meanwhile when back in Costa Rica I eventually met this Israeli man that I totally fell in love with and I admit that I had this idea of them as spiritual people and had been educated in school to spend hours and hours condemning the holocaust and reading about Anne Frank and feeling sorry for them which seemed obvious considering the cruelty of its perpetrators, but then was a little surprised to see that many of them consumed quite a lot of drugs in between their Saturday prayers, several of their women had lesbian relationships while as a contrasting background having these strict rules about who one should marry and whatnot. So one day he asks me if I wanted to have sex with him and his friend and I remember just looking at him while explaining why that was definitely NOT an option and how at that moment my whole illusion of them as spiritual people went down the drain never to be taken seriously ever again. In fact I lived celibate for almost a decade after that out of plain irritation.

That was the beginning of my writings, where I was capturing this spirituality but it’s was continuously interrupted and colored by a negative sexual energy that was very intense and that seem to have as the only intention to confuse the purity of what I was trying to say. I had to carefully look back at my writings and select my words and take out the ” negative traps”.

Now I understand what it was I was analyzing all these years.

That’s is why it’s important to snap out of it everybody, take control of your lives and move on things or someone will certainly do it for you.

Watch your back because someone out there is after your pure soul.

Love & Light

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