Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 16, 2017

Spirituality and Sexuality- How do I combine these opposites and where does faithfulness start?

The more up and conscious you get the more irritating sexuality becomes. Especially if you have no one deep to connect with. While you feel really emotionally great just the way things are the body seems to have certain physical needs and urges that are hard to ignore. You are in the midst of your spiritual connection and here comes sexuality, pheromones and hormones and it’s almost disturbing. This creates a need for an outlet for that energy or it starts stressing you out. The fact that most people are living a 100% carnal, material and physical experience with very little spirituality(where you simply are moving out of love) makes “true” faithfulness pretty much impossible. Based on that I assume that humans who have experienced very little love in their lives will be more rooted in the physical and material . That also means that the less loving our society is the more carnal and material it will become and reverse. Obviously at the highest state of spirituality within a human body there are only two states; total faithfulness on all levels or the opposite, not faithfulness. Love is freely given to all but not sex. Pornography and getting excited about any other woman or man than the one you supposedly love would be considered infidelity. But at that level there is also an enormous capacity to forgive while understanding the carnal problematics. For example relationships at a distance have either to be super spiritual and detached from sexuality ( loyal, hard working and focused) or very forgiving but at the same time someone very physical which we certainly are, like to experience touch and feel but then if you are highly spiritual you can connect, touch and feel from any distance. This is an important point, that means that when you think of someone they, if sensitive enough will be aware of it, that means that if you think sexually of someone that is not your partner you are certainly not faithful or respectful for that matter and if you are thinking about several people, you are simply all over the place and creating energetic chaos and your partner will pick up on it and very possibly not like it and feel hurt, but if not sensitive or super conscious enough without really knowing the reason, but having a bad feeling. Men seem to show much more interest when they feel they have competition while women can simply start looking for someone else who won,t play those games with her when they feel they are playing with her. I also noticed that certain people may compete for a man or woman just for the competition, and to conquer, to prove something to herself or himself or to the other men or women, not out of love. So when that ex-boyfriend starts coming back into your life make sure it’s not because he just can’t believe that you are moving on and it took that other man for him to realize how special you are since, unless it’s a soul mate or something like that with whom you should go back to then you will only be wasting your time, creating confusion and keep dragging out on the end.


Love & Light



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