Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 14, 2017

Throw them to the Lions

There is a clear tendency in humans to become more and more superficial and in need of more and more entertainment the more global and personal problems they have. Instead of delving into the problematics of things and find solutions to BIG issues it’s clearly much easier to look the other way and have a (processed) drink, take a (synthetic) pill or powders and forget about things and just have fun. In fact people will reject reality because it’s perceived as heavy and overwhelming while certain music for example carry good vibrations so we use it for everyday therapy. Social media is full of games that I sincerely don,t feel like I have time to play.

It seems like important matters related to the survival of the species, like climate changes and alimentary security are much less important than plastic surgery and shopping and don,t forget spending time talking or gossiping about little unimportant things over a cup of coffe. This has clearly to do with the fact that people can only digest so much anxiety every day but avoiding the problems won,t help the anxiety but eventually increase it.

Tensions in the world are felt whether you want to feel them or not. And they are going to affect you no matter where you are. Reading every negative news article is not good for you if you are a sensitive being neither is watching horror movies. But the problem isn’t the articles in themselves, its the absurd evil actions of the people. It’s one thing taking a break from the negativity and another to live in absolute superficial denial all day. While trying to find the solution to why people do things like that one realizes humanity needs a lot of healing, many of these people have simply been harmed, never experienced love by the family and have been seriously affected mentally.

Doing something big to make a difference takes anxiety away because you know you tried, even if you don,t see immediate results, you moved on something. I feel that the patriarchal society focus on the material scene ONLY and the focus is not even solid while forgetting that children, both males and females need mother love, oxygen, nature, top of the line nutrition, great vibes, security, tranquility and peace of mind too.


We, the matriarchs don,t want our children trained for war or to be aggressive, we want them to be who they are, good human beings.

Love & Light






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