Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 14, 2017

High Technology demands Higher Consciousness

If you look closely at every technological inventions made to help humanity, if only used in reverse, they can become very harmful weapons. That is is why higher consciousness is required in the makings and usage of them but unfortunately almost all technology here on earth is funded by and developed by military forces starting with the patents which costs are out of reach for normal human beings and the fact that few particulars invest in technology but even if you would do it, manage to get that patent, make sure you can produce it because at that very moment your idea becomes official someone with the funds can, by just making a small alternation, produce something very similar and then you are ” out”. That makes you obviously extremely vulnerable when trying to find funding. Then add the access to laboratories and experiment materials which are limited to specific universities to whom you must belong and the giant industries to whom you must belong along with your idea. This makes a peaceful development here on earth pretty much impossible, we have had 14,600 wars since the mid-60′ s! There are even countries that claim neutrality in wars but have huge weapon industries.
This is a clear death worshipping patriarchal power tripping culture that just goes from one war to the next with a few minutes of peace in between causing huge migratory movements.


In fact when you look at every step to get an idea to reality and then add the low consciousness level of the humans, the chances that your idea will be stolen, alternated and you be totally ignored is almost a 100%. Just like in the music industry. They purposefully tell you not to send unsolicited material because they know themselves, if you do and they like it they WILL steal it. They have legal levels of stealing small enough parts that could have been totally coincidence, but if you know who you sent it to and they come out with your thing just watch what the Universe will do for you becasue when you gove you always receive.

Love & Light







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