Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 13, 2017

The Alien Obsessions- Playing on the Fears of the Unknown

Are there aliens? Of course there must be life out there, but the question is why humans fantasize about all these evil aliens coming after them?


To be honest with you, if there is life out there that has the intelligence to travel through space, light or “blink” themselves here then I doubt they are stupid enough to try and communicate with these savage humans on earth.
Only imagine what the reaction would be when they show up and, unless in some sort of humanoid form, would most possibly terrify pretty much everyone. We all know what humans do when in fear for their life, they kill.

So to be honest with you I think what humanity is doing is mirroring what they do and then blame all this cruel evil behavior on the unknown fantasy aliens when what we are really dealing with is human traits and their dark sides. It sure is a great tool for playing on fear though, sort of like terror, evil and darkness which only has as much power as you give to it. On the other hand it also means that if all of humanity delve in excessive negative behaviors as a joint group they will most probably be open to and attract very bad vibes and those can probably come in all shapes, forms and versions, it’s whatever you choose.

All is good.

Love & Light




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