Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 11, 2017

Rotten Countries- Humans and their innate expertise at ruining it for themselves

So, here I am, only too many years later, in a country that clearly and legally permits crime, cruelty and cornering women and children as a sport, justifying it with retrieval of funds and paper money, any waving in the air of a few dollars.
It wasn,t my choice to be here without being able to go anywhere. It was that or leaving my child here. It was created by a North American male chauvinist gigolo and swindler BUT could only have been made possible due to a country that create laws out of convenience and greed without thinking about the serious consequences for that female human and her child. This country couldn’t afford to pay for the damages we were forced to live through, but I am certainly not leaving without first charging for it.


A first world country father who tricks people to get a property, doesn,t want his son to see the world or live a decent middle class life is a serious case for a mental institution but totally accepted here in Costa Rica as long as they get some money. What we have lived is truly a horror movie and those who didn,t move for me in this country are certainly condemned as I mention this right now, just like that male chauvinist pig and Vice President of Costa Rica that did a useless job as my lawyer while charging me top dollars. Mr Lacle should absolutely abstain from mentioning Jesus or God since he is certainly not one of us. We don,t fly private jets to our meetings.


It is a satanic place in all its spectra, a point in Universe where an immense natural beauty covers the rotten human crevices, their extreme carnal existence, crudeness, institutional violence and lies, a place where women and youth are simply sacrificed out of routine and a place where foreign men and their little faithless “money slaves” justify anything to never take responsibility for their acts, where laws are created to be easily bent to purposefully facilitate evil, a place where ego tripping men intimidate, threaten, trick and steal in their vain desperation to display some sort of status but without any class ( you simply can,t buy class) and just like bickering old women ladened with stolen gold are not true women, these men are certainly totally fake, not strong nor able real men but putrefied manipulating cowards of the lowest possible kind and all of this, in this country with its superficial beliefs, with non-human “humans” and all, is just waiting to be discarded like a useless, faulty “thing” and that has been their absolute choice. And that is why the tico that makes it never comes back because he is treated much better in other countries, like in my country for example, than in his own that seem to just never lift itself up but somehow always getting worse. And male chauvinism is for certain the main reason why Latin women never go back, why torture oneself?

Love & Light





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