Posted by: Aya Thorgren | June 10, 2017

Patriarchal Insanity- The Original Reason for the Fall

I am looking at my life and it bothers me that this country couldn,t even stand by my side and defend me when all I did was have good intentions while being totally and perfectly right. It amazes me how they immediately run to the side of criminals as if they could recognize themselves and their style in them. It bothers me that this country is so full of envy that people seem to enjoy to see others suffering…it bothers me immensely that they do pretty much anything for money, that they show no dignity, that they don,t stand up for themselves and it bothers me that their proud eyes show evil intent, pure hatred and spite and that the good people in this country are drowning in your shit. That would be the one reason that one would aim to transform a country for, to furiously defend the ones that you just walked all over.

Girl in despair.jpeg

Love & Light




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