Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 8, 2017

What is Bad?

With badness one usually refer to any conscious and unconscious acts that take away peace of mind, affects yourself and or anyone in any way negatively. The energy is low and the result is damaging.

Badness by Merriam Webster Dictionary

We all have a shadow side inside of us, but in certain states it cannot be controlled, like for example when using substances, like drugs or for example. Some people have been severely damaged psychologically as young and have a difficulty dealing with their emotions as they come up, they display extreme sensitivity to specific events, like if for example the only person you feel you can trust is not a family member but someone outside of the family, let’s say a partner and that person does something that breaks that trust, the reaction can be much more exaggerated since for that person it’s like betrayal of the worst degree. It becomes like a trauma.

It amazes me that certain countries say alcohol and the usual chemical cigarettes are bad but advertise them and then sell the cigarettes with these hugely negative messages that if the tobacco itself won,t kill you then you can be sure that those negative messages on the packaging will set your mind on the immediate death track. Then they say drugs are bad although everyone seems to want them and war is good. Additionally someone found out that the people that are found to have cancer have a bigger chance of survival if NOT following the medical societies advice…?

The Health Industrial Complex with Dr Jennifer Daniels

Organic Surgery sp. Costa Rica

To be honest, if we do not want our children to get confused maybe being a bit more coherent would help.

Like for example the extreme sex addiction and the search for endless pleasures of the older generations in the past have made sex, the constant search for sex and porn so normal that everyone does it, with everyone and everything. This is the direct cause for young people to do some seriously unbelievable things for entertainment nowadays, for example, there is a new thing where the guy pulls off his condom in the middle of the intercourse and finishes off inside the girl, it’s like rape but since the girl at first consents and they start with a condom what is she supposed to say to the police or anyone for that matter? She won,t denounce. This causes risks of STD, s ( sexually transmitted diseases) and possible pregnancies and add that it’s a total disrespectful thing to do and certainly classified as bad. (There is something about condoms and use in casual sex, men are just not into them, the young girls don,t know how to put them on without the guy loosing the excitement and then they do affect the sensitivity and feel to a certain point, but the point is this, if the guy and girls could stick to ONE partner then the problem is resolved, it’s really so simple. Young people has been taught to move extremely fast in between relationships, they have long lists of conquests and seem to have sex at pretty much every party, when I was an adolescent I dated lots of guys, we kissed and stuff but sex was a whole other level one wasn,t gonna throw oneself into that easy and no one was pressuring.)
They also have this “roulette sex game” where all the guys stand or sit in a ring with erections and the girls mount them for 30 s and move on and the guy that ejaculates first looses. A total STD disease spreader move. This is just a few of them. Most are done to get approval from the group, to show that you,re cool, under so called group pressure. The fact that group sex is becoming something normal is sickening to me, it’s very animal style with zero dignity, pure carnal Sodom and Gomorrah. Sexual depravation and other ” badness” is spreading like wild fire and only because of extreme parental ignorance and this strange urge people feel of wanting to be bad.

What, s wrong with faithfulness, innocence and purity?

It’s too powerful in a society that thrives on conquering and dividing.


Love & Light



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