Posted by: Aya Thorgren | May 2, 2017

Teach your children how to think by themselves

I just saw a few videos by John Taylor Gatto where he questions our methods of schooling feeding the needs of our industries and mentions that the reason why education is geared towards memorizing is because while you do, you can,t think.

The Purpose of Schooling

Nobody can educate You, Except yourself SELF MANAGEMENT

Boredom, Zombies & Economic Collapse

If you noticed only too many people out there display serious mental illness and lack of connective intelligence, like for example what kind of vegan sister brother high five slapping dumbfuck hacks away furiously at a blooming fenceline, year after year, does the exact same half ass garden work over and over without any advances or even any effort to try and get to the next step, but is somehow super involved in ruining it for you all day and then always scream, use an abusive language while continously threatening you when they talk…?

A psycho pseudo scammer vegan driven by mere ego, physical vanity and narcissism.

Why is it that certain men just can,t take responsibility for their actions and incessantly use threats to intimidate? Is it some kind of distracting move to cover up uselessness or what? Why is this allowed by society, why don,t judges move for women here? Why isn,t the guy paying up for being a criminal from the beginning to the end? Why is the system always behind the wrong side? Why can you ruin my entire life and my fence line year after year and get away with it? Why is that when I try to defend myself you make sure the police, the judges and their judicial system ignores me? He actually laughs in my face while breaking laws, it’s the truth and then he goes, good luck with that and smiles.

Ok, wait, this is the most disturbing part, he does this purposefully knowing that it will hurt me emotionally and materially, that I will feel disrespected, walked over and that it will disturb me immensely that there is no justice in this country that will move for me, and this makes him happy, very happy indeed. Et voila!

He is just another sadic power tripping cocaine looser spurring commerce with his chaotic, destructive moves just like the sadic intruders that barge into in foreign lands, bombing them for their own best and then ” help in the reconstruction” while charging for it, placing ” poor orphaned children by war” in the hands of infertile unhealthy wealthy materialists at home, raping the youth to divide them and break them down morally for life and affect future generations and their life choices forever while laughing them in the face the entire time, knowing that they are defenseless victims without a chance.
Just like that.

You gotta love it when a male chauvinist pig does something even when it’s not convenient JUST because a woman told them not to…? Just to show that they have the last word.
Talk about loss of character and so unattractive.

What kind of guy uses his psychology education to make a creepy 50 question game with the intention to break down young people and incite them to commit suicide to clean the world from weak people that the world won,t need according to him, while additionally using other young people to keep threatening them if they want to quit?

A total asshole. A living devil.

When are these men going to grow up?
When is society going to demand of men to grow up and wake up to reality and take responsibility for what they do?
When are we going to see these incredibly damaging psychotic guys behind bars?


Love & Light



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