Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 29, 2017

Being Positive or Living a Fantasy?

There is a difference in between being positive and merely living in denial, avoiding reality by filling the entire week with distracting and entertaining events. I noticed that the people that have the most fear in facing reality are the ones that are always talking about being positive albeit just being positive and disco dancing all night will not make the real change, but moving on things will.
That you forget about the past is only too convenient for many. Remember very well what people or governments did so that you won,t be surprised and fall for it again when they try to do it again which they usually do or when you meet new people in similar circumstances. Forgiving people to have peace of mind is good but remember that you are not the one doing the ultimate judgement of what they did, it’s in the hands of something much bigger and those who make big mistakes that affect the lives of others pay for it in many mysterious ways, you can be sure about that.

There is an anti climax in how people move right now where taking care of oneself and nurturing oneself is the part in spirituality everyone can agree upon but where most actually resent moving on anything outside of their own plush comfort. There is something cold behind first world country spirituality. As if yoga is done because it’s merely fashionable and makes you feel and look good and that,s it. It’s ego based and accompanied with an attitude that just doesn,t go with unconditional love upon which spirituality is based. A spiritual person just doesn,t drive right by someone who need a ride. You just can,t steal property and then make a “spiritual” ritual on it, this is total Anti – Christ. And add the refusal to understand that the exaggerated consumerism is the evil behind global heating. The more you shop the worse it gets. When your God is materialism then you won,t have oxygen. One plus one is two.

Living in a city surrounded by material illusory matter is a created reality, working in your garden something natural but in the end we all eat the same things, food that come out of mother earth. People living in cities tend to eat more synthetic and processed foods than others which has only been related to disease and weak physical constitutions. This means that cities, in the future will either become more natural or humans more robotic and with made up parts, which is pretty much happening already, whatever you choose.

So being positive may mean going up to the Municipality and move for the road or for the women and children in the community, for justice, for culture, vote for someone and something new and ground breaking not merely looking at everything as an accepting spectator, which makes me think of those roman fights in colosseum, where everything negative that happens around us become some sort of sickening entertainment, something you look at and comment on, have another sip of your drink and then just go on with your day.


Love & Light



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