Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 26, 2017

Your Team

There are people on this planet that you are compatible with, who are involved doing things within the same fields as yours. People that understand how you are thinking and together you trigger moves. These people may come in with the information you need just when you need it, they may be moving on something that goes with what you are doing and creating participation. They may seem to pop up from out of nowhere saying that one thing you needed to hear just at that moment, or doing something powerful in your direction seemingly by fluke. But it’s not hazard, everything is part of a bigger plan.


There are certain cultures and people you may click more with than others, for example inclusive, loving cultures in somewhat “softer” countries may be more attractive to you than highly aggressive and/ or mainly material ones. Intelligent thinking and well thought of moves may stimulate and inspire you much more than stupid, quick comments made by erratic people without any thinking involved. Or maybe worse, comments with no purpose, when people open their mouth just to say something…anything and that without having bothered to fully understand what you are saying.

Before you air out a serious problem to someone because you may need assistance, or collaboration of some sort look at the person on front of you and see if they are going to be of actual help, if they are serious or if you are just letting an ice cold stranger from a cold abusive country and a possible delinquent, know delicate things about you, show vulnerability and possibly even give them a chance to take advantage of you, or even just talk about you at a party when in lack of inspiration where others will be only trying to get valuable information about you. Don,t give them that opportunity.
If they truly don,t care they are not friends, and certainly don,t need to have every detail of your life and much less for gossip.

Keep these people at a distance.

Only talk about general, easy and superficial things with these people.

Don,t go to their parties or events.

Never forget your worth and what you are coming with or most people will try and walk all over you.

Once you are on a specific goal with your team everything else becomes a distraction.
Your either on my side doing something going in this direction or you are in my way and making me loose time.

It’s good to try and figure that one out quick.

Love & Light



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