Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 21, 2017

Worldwide Mass Condemnation of Destructive & Stupid Technology

The man who invented The Worldwide Web, Tim Berners- Lee explained that the intelligence of computers grow exponentially which means that we will come to a point where the computers will become more intelligent than humans which brings me back to technological inventions and their character. These inventions should be based on some sort of ideological and moral foundation (not the usual laws, the ones certain people and institutions can always conveniently go around when needed) so that for example we can rule out technologies used for weapons whose only purpose is to kill, based on the absolute savagery of its use.

Inventing a weapon of mass destruction is not a sign of intelligence.
They should be condemned based on the immense dangers for the lives of our human race and every single other species that live here. This planet hosts many beings most of them not as belligerent as humans but certainly equally worthy.

Any synthetically derived foods and unnatural seeds must be avoided not to completely destroy our natural bodies and pollination, which along with pure water and perfect temperatures is key to harvests and to ensure food security.

Any energies that are impure and dangerous to our species and the fragile eco systems of our planet should simply not be used for any reason.

Humans move like strangers on this planet, as if they don,t understand it, they reject their very own nature that they live off (?) and surround themselves with and hoard non living manufactured things which only seem to bring them depressions, stress and high end slavery to totally unimportant things like status and extreme wealth. They do not know when to stop either, or what to do when they stop, there is always something else to get, somewhere else to go or something else to do.

It’s not a sign of an intelligent race to focus that much on violence, purposefully creating unnatural death situations and additionally risk auto elimination.
It’s a clear sign of barbarie, mental insanity, emotional vulnerability, hilarious power trips among many egos and an immense cruelty towards the future generations for whom you clearly aim to leave nothing but death and destruction.

And then what?

If you are one of those who think you,ll be safe because you think you have the money to be saved, believe me, no money in the world will save you, all of those ideas you can buy are all excellent frauds cleverly marketed for fearful people with funds, and that only work in theory.
So then what?
Where do you go from there?
What’s the plan?

To rape, pillage, abuse everything, burn fast and then die even faster just doesn,t sound so great or even smart for that matter. It’s certainly not the sign of a great culture or civilization if you ask me. People who think like that should not be able to have children, since for one they weren’t planning on a future, no oxygen, no real nutrition, then they forgot children have emotional needs and they need to feel safe and loved and they take that away from them too, sorry, no planet either, as if children live off things and empty promises of a better future. And don,t even mention those countries and cultures who train and send their children to war…? Really, her let me cut your heart out, your,ll probably won,t need it, you cruel cultures.

We are aiming for an intelligent evolution and we need leaders that reflect this.
Step in.
The time is now.
Don,t let them do what they will with you.
It’s your life and you are going to fight for it, you are going to fight for the lives of your children and you are going to demand respect.
Enough is enough.
If your country is attracting negativity, there is probably a huge reason for it and you, your people and your country must resolve those issues fast, for you, because believe me, no one innocent is going down with you.

So it is.

Love & Light


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