Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 16, 2017

Feeling Big and Treated Badly?

When you come in with inner power people usually will enjoy trying to find a problem with you. No matter what you do, they just can,t see it unless accompanied by some sort of flag waving, status related material reward, price or at least angels coming down from heaven and a clear sign of showing off. People tend to also, unfortunately so, enjoy watching your difficulties when trying to make mayor serious personal and societal shifts and watch you as some sort of tv – show. Preferably over a beer or an empty brained socializing event, lo and behold that they join in where the real stuff is happening! It takes a while for them to understand what it is you are doing and then still not fully understand it, that what you have been doing this entire time is to work on the next steps, regardless of what their limited perception of work is, work is definitely what it is. Even if it’s raking or meditating seriously on important decisions today. That they can,t see the results could be due to that they just can,t see those or at least understand that extreme long term changes take time to define and make happen and are not that visible in the beginnings, ( and in many ways it’s better if not).

To make something real big happen but with only a few making the changes, how do you expect to see any wide spread immense immediate results?


For example, even if I sell much less than a chemical based mass produced cream because I don,t have the same marketing, I make a much bigger impact, in all directions and feel good about what I put out there but meanwhile people that still stubbornly choose the cheap mass quantity type products over mine or anything of similar purity or not eat organically grown food should definitely put some funds away in a “possible illness budget plan “. Our skin is our biggest organ of absorption and elimination. I would try to facilitate and enhance its magnificent work not try and stress it, underestimate it and destroy it…

Then watch out for those with whom collaborating may turn into pure hell. Where they are putting stress and pressures on you all day, no matter if how efficient you are and you are the only one that moves on serious levels. Lazy ass people who loves to see you run for them. There is something sick about that style, to be all over others, tell them what to do even if you are the expert and show no respect to how people do things. To your natural rhythm. No. Refuse stress.It may even kill you.

Some people are so envious that they will do anything to try and ruin anything you do only because they seriously seem to have nothing else to do. It’s worse and truly sickening when it’s family members or partners. If you let them ,it could affect your entire life and they won,t stop until you are on the ground gasping. If you are a woman that won,t go for a cultural idea where you specifically need a man for money and stability, all the women that do it will hate you just for that. That you are in control of your life and you know you need your space, so you make sure you have it, as simple as that. Everything you do will be questioned immediately, and if you would rather live celibate and meditate than running behind the need for sex, those who do will find a problem with you too, for sure, to try and define what it is you are doing that they have absolutely no understanding of, but if you then decide for someone you like, men and women will go to extremes to try and ruin your happiness, from all sides. It’s amazing. They sure make time for that.

Remember that when you are unhappy someone is going try and make money off your unhappiness.

They will be right there to replace happiness with a fleeting moment of something you can buy. For example, if you make great songs when pissed off then why would your manager, agent or the ones that you work with necessarily want to see you happy? If your song stirs emotions with other angry or depressed unloved people which are many out there then you can also sell something with it. If the song takes you out of the negative and into something good then things can transform, but it can also be used to maintain and perpetuate the average discontent and anger and cause a mass consciousness of socially (and in a certain way also justified) violence which creates chaos. One of the many chaoses created to stir the hearts and stability of nations. If you can, in whatever way stir envy, jealousy, anger, bad vibes, sex addiction, psychotic behavior and depression it’s big bucks for the industries.
That is why it is of extreme importance that your happiness does not depend on something or someone outside of you, because like that no matter how much they play with your head, or try and control everyone around you, you know it’s their problem and you’re still happy.
You know what’s going on, that it has nothing to do with you. To not be worrying about something that you can,t control is total freedom. The worry you add doesn,t make for a better result, in fact it may totally delay everything until you stop.

Only then you can go as far as possible.
You can,t hold back anymore because others want you conform, be normal or come down on their creepy nasty level.

If you look closely at every situation you are in, no matter how ” bad” it seems something good always comes out of that experience. I see people whose lives are entirely destroyed and deviated from their maximum paths due to entirely unfair circumstances they were born into. How can you judge how they end up doing things? And I see youth that care so much but see no response in a cold material world with a message of no hope and no dreams, just making it, escalating frictions, dogma and dooms day painted all over it and eventually some even end up taking themselves out in one way or another. Or at least zoom out. It will become like zombie land, if it continues the way it does. It’s sad.

If a system breaks you or holds you down, change it, make it work for you, not in reverse, take charge of your life and happiness.
You are the one in control of what you let it. You put the limits.
It’s time to make it big and to take a full step whatever that means to you.
Go fearlessly into the next level.

Love & Light



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