Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 2, 2017

The Cheapness Phenomena

There is an interesting phenomena out there, where people do not compare, quality and price but just price. It has to be cheap no matter what and it doesn,t really matter what you get as long as it’s cheap and you get lots of it. For example, this person told me ibuprofen is really expensive but thank God he can get a giant bottle of it at economy price and I,m thinking to myself, like, how much ibuprofen does this guy consume a year?? I may use 10 pills a year in emergencies, if you know what I mean.
That means he is gonna possibly going to have to throw them away at the end unless he wants to consume old possibly dangerous medication.

You can also see this in certain countries where they didn,t invest into education for all allowing for hundreds of millions of non thinking people to vote for their idiot leader affecting the entire country and the lives of all. A country who ” seems” wealthy but is really has a psychology of misery and won,t give much without taking more.

Then I noticed how this same approach is used in relationships, people want this maximized love relationship but at “the lowest price”, giving as little as possible of themselves but receiving the maximum…lol… It’s not so attractive when a person regularly thinks out loud about whether it’s too expensive to take their partner out to eat, or that they never buy one another gifts because one has to think about the economy…really…if you live like than start to push yourself a little more because if you are not gonna give or share anything in a relationship then why do you think you deserve one? Why don,t you just stick to yourself? It’s certainly way cheaper…lol…
There are so many ways to give, you can give of your time and talent too.

Learn how to give of yourself, not only it is very attractive, it immediately attracts good things and opens you up to bigger things.


Love & Light



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