Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 2, 2017

Stress and Self Medication

When you let stress get to you people may want to “cover it up” with something that brings comfort and peace to your mind, like food is one of the most common drug, it is totally calming, chemical free tobacco can be another because smoke gives you your space and emotional comfort, cannabis for example,calms you so that you can detach the negative emotions from the problem, sit down and be able to find clear solutions within that calm, it also works to give the body a relaxing break from tension and pain, so that it can heal up, instead of frantically grasping at not so well thought moves or try to push healing and cover up symptoms.

There is an amazing amount of healthy herbal tranquilizers used for herbal teas and in tinctures, for example chamomile ( try starting the day with a cup of chamomile and watch how incredibly calm you stay all day, it’s a whole different story, it’s also the preferred one for children).


For more complicated mixtures and uses make sure to connect with an herbalists. Essential oils can be used diluted in a base oil and be applied on skin for immediate calm, like for example jasmine and ylang. For one the scents make you want to breathe deep and just that calms one down. Back Flower remedies work on the emotional and are drops that carry the energy of a specific plant and this plant balances a particular emotion ( certain emotions can create physical/ mental blockages causing disease and / or a lack of flow and success) in your life). There seem to be a plant for every need, like for example Aspen for self confidence.

“Aspen is the remedy for any fear whose cause can’t be named. At one end of the spectrum the Aspen fear may be no more than a sense of foreboding, an uneasy anxiety that something unpleasant or frightening is going to happen. At the other it can be a real terror, with physical symptoms such as the hair standing on end.”

Bach Flower Centre by Edward Bach

When these emotions are balanced it has an immediate effect on our lives.

Love & Light



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