Posted by: Aya Thorgren | April 2, 2017

From Natural Woman and Natural Earth to Costly Synthetic Replacement Products in unnatural Toxic Concentrations

I find it interesting that what the modern woman does to her body when she does perpetual plastic surgeries ” correcting” her body, changing herself from her natural beauty to synthetically replace every single part of it, is exactly what we are doing to Mother Earth. It’s like she is not good enough the way she is, her amazing perfection and abundance has to be moved around and meddled with to the point where humans are slowly trying to exchange everything natural with a synthetically produced product to be marketed and have complete control over.

For example to entrust someone to inject anything close to your brain with a substance that is questionable and totally unnatural is weird to me, how do you know that there isn,t anything else in there that may possibly affect your thoughts or your brain? How can you be so sure? They may do it intentionally or unintentionally ( that means that in a few years they,ll pretend they didn,t know that there were going to be serious side effects that would show with time but they weren’t sure exactly which ones).


The fact that you have to take out your breast implants every ten years not to get cancer means a complete dependence on doctors, many physical dangers and high costs and for what if I may ask? Why do you feel like you will be happier or more attractive with another type of breasts or body than the one that you have? What if I told you that if you only loved your breasts more they would respond to it in a positive way, they would look and feel good to you and to a real man that also hopefully values you beyond your breasts. Why would you want to attract a man with the focus being on just sex and body without the vibe? It seems a little too simple and primitive. If you want a good man then start giving out a good vibe, it works better than when it’s just visual with no feel because your love life is going to be real superficial and comparable to watching pornography. You see, a guy that gets turned on that easy gets turned on by anything so if you are looking for someone stable stay away from the type of guy that is only sexual instinct, predator style but has no heart( and a small lesser developed brain.) This type of man won,t invest into long term anything because he knows it won,t last. He is going to want quantity at a cheap prize.

Love & Light


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