Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 31, 2017

Why Cybernetic Security doesn,t exist and why Justice left a wide open space for legal crime

It amazes me all the efforts made by anonymous cowards to try and and hack, steal, use and commercialize information, and worse when ” untouchable” giants ( monetarily) and institutions, countries and organizations make it a sport to manipulate any information they can get a hold of. For example when Yahoo was hacked no one took responsibility for the theft of information, they KNOW who it was, the KNOW who stole the information, what and from whom, they KNOW to which country it was sold. Even if it’s done in an indirect way where they hire someone that “can,t be found” and everyone is hiding behind that no one mortal can find out wtf happened and they can buy everyone along the way it’s still just plainly amazing to me that they think they are going to get away with it. Not with me you won,t. The problem with this is that if you know all this how come there is no action on behalf of justice to catch and fine the cybernetic criminals? It makes no sense to a thinking human. How come the law and justice doesn,t cover this kind of crime? This only too clearly shows that it must be so that the real criminal behind it is impossible to win against due to its supposed “monetary power over everyone”, and then it comes down to a few countries really. It’s just a tad bit suspicious and very clear to a very clear mind. The hilarious half answers Yahoo gave through automated clicking on stupid questions while getting no clear responses are just not enough, like for example no one cares about what they DID NOT steal and what they DID NOT do, but people want to know what they took and from whom and how they are going to pay up for it. It is just not correct to commercialize stolen goods. Another example is when I receive an email from a web site hosting company in a prominent wealthy powerful country wondering if I have any connection to this one man that wants to buy up every single web page with my name on it? If that wasn,t an attempt to manipulate my business then what was it? The best part of this is that whoever is responsible will be charged for it in a just as indirect and mind blowing way 😀.

Costa Rica are sometimes visited by these foreigners and specialists in cybernetic security who have worked for institutions and countries I certainly wouldn,t trust, to give them advice …? Have they ever thought about why they approached them in the first place? How can you trust them, why are they really here? What is their real intent?

How come when a YouTube video is uncomfortable for certain groups, all of a sudden the volume won,t work, or an advert comes up saying that you cannot see this is the country you are in, or someone manipulates messages making sure they are not seen until much later seriously affecting people,s private life and business or whenever someone stands up for something or share alternative enlightening information then immediately there is a lineup of these looser pretend friends on social networks, quickly made up false identities by a person with only two friends, with a surprise sexual content that they were not expecting or that didn,t even show at first or an aggressive ” troll ” starting to attack everything they say and with the intent to create chaos, gather information or to to virus up their computer? Or you happen to see that someone accepted your friend request that you never sent them…? Or no matter how much you edit a text, there are always misspellings or confused parts? Or all of a sudden you can,t tag a subject.

The real question is: Who pays for this? I refuse to believe it’s small time criminals.
We do have intuition you know, we know exactly what is going on, what the actual intention is and it’s just a matter of time before everyone reacts.

In fact, if this continues, it may very soon become fashionable to avoid all contact with Internet when dealing with business and use it only for entertainment and research, if even and detach as much as possible from everyone knowing every detail about you, what you are doing and where you are at all times, have as few friends as possible and minimize the use of cancerous electronics and materialism overall, forget about globalism, terrorism and the bad world news, miss the tv- shows about plastic surgery failures and the latest news about KIm Kardashians butt and just plant your own food, enjoy sunrises and sunsets, live in peace, laugh all day and make love 😀🖕🏻.

Here is where i was going to put a link related to a very stolen product which was intended for security and to protect personal information and  how this same information in the hands of the wrong people, institutions and nation could be used for the wrong reasons BUT ( of course) it doesn,t show


“Secretos de aparatos tecnologicos se usan como prueba forense” Washington La Nacion Costa Rica


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