Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 28, 2017

The Irresponsibilities that permit the Sacrification of Third World Countries

The many times small and under developed post- colonial third world countries that are receiving loans from the Worldbank and FMI (International Monetary Fund) in combination with the irresponsible acts of corruption and mismanagement of public funds have only lead to indebtment and new dependencies with very little development and progress obliging these countries to cut costs in important areas like health, education and culture to keep up with paying the exterior debt and maintain the cash flow of the international finances. Once you do that the family and security is immediately affected and this has a direct influence on the defense and weapons trade. Interest rates, laws and taxes can be quickly altered to impoverish the people even more and possibly cause anger and anarchy, another reason to pump up on more institutional security. Now you have an invisible and totally legal “civil war” where the poorest groups are pretty much forced by the chaos and the non existent opportunities to turn into criminals to survive but can also be sacrificed and immobilized legally. An example is El Salvador, one of the most violent countries in the world where the highly corrupt state calls their massive clearing out and killing of gang members “social cleaning”. Meanwhile these countries are totally run by exterior monetary forces, legal and illegal and once again the illegal sources can also be held accountable for their crimes and everyone involved be taken out legally. In the end they can obviously put pressures on entire countries that permit that much illegality and condemn and sanction (punish) them economically and those costs fall once again…on the most humble.


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