Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 26, 2017


Being miserable entails having limiting thoughts about just about everything. It’s the kind of person that only sees the problems but never the solutions, they just can,t see the big picture and that possibly you are the one doing the big favors, not in reverse.

Miserable limiting thoughts and people eventually close their own doors to business. Never underestimate a person until know their powers or what they are capable of. Things are usually never the way they seem. You never know who you have in front of you. An easy way of making sure is to check what they did in the past, how much credibility they have. Watch people around you and see how sincere they are, stick to and work with the ones that are generous with themselves and aren,t fake smiling in your face while backstabbing you. Look closely at who you are dealing with, if it’s someone that is actually moving on things with high ideals and full of ideas or someone pretty much mediocre that is doing the absolute minimum with limited abilities and full of fears.

Sometimes it’s better to work with someone more humble, full of heart and honest than with the ones that feel they are so special they are bigger and better than God. The vibe is a thousand times better and you get so much more done.


Love & Light



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