Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 25, 2017

The Need for Love

It cracks me up how much money the men fork out to have that sex pot by their side, it must be the curse of the elite. 😂

While half of the women strive for respect and dignity, the working class have always thought about it like this, well, if the men are these depraved, let’s make some money on it. If these women’s only dream is to have luxuries then it’s like almost perfect, she feels some sort of fleeting happiness, and so does he, everyone gets what they want, the lower consciousness level is the same.

Lingerie Clad Female Soccer Team in England

Considering how shrewd and calculating the ruling class are they may even decide which families and cultures to suppress, to get the hottest chicks. Sex has always been the one thing poor people can always enjoy since all you need is your body. You can always, even when having nothing else, at least give of yourself and one way of doing it is sharing your body. Looking for sex stems from a spiritual need for love. You could almost say it is the superficial version with a fear of going of going deeply within yourself and then in relations to someone else. That is why those relationships never last long, it’s just too shallow, its not built upon a firm foundation.

Love & Light




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