Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 22, 2017

Misguided Male Authority

It’s amazing to me to see these tough guys, some even armed to their teeth, others with crazy tribal pieces of jewelry and full of intense symbolical tattoos talk about power and how cool they are, how bad everything is but they are better and bla bla bla while the cowards in the end really only get down on women, kids, different neighbors while being jealous and controlling and fist fighting or word fighting about stupid things then playing hilarious mind games, or getting all worked up and aggressive around soccer games, talk about sex and video games and you name it but when you need them to defend something real big in a massive move they are hiding away and finding cheap excuses as to why they are not there taking charge of things and doing something real powerful like creating a change while putting their foot down instead of letting politicians, institutions and other irritating self-worshipping power trippers walk all over the people, now if they are so badass ?


Why aren,t they standing up and defending the right things?
Why are they falling into every trap set out to make sure to minimize or completely annul their impact?
Who is going to intelligently pressure authorities to do the right thing if the people are not?
Wtf are you waiting for?


Love & Light



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