Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 20, 2017

Working for Security

Everything we work for seems to be related to ensure some type of security; alimentary, a safe shelter, a protective fence or wall, and health(preventative and emergencies).

What we always seem to worry about, is that something from the outside will affect our survival and security. It can be harmful people with bad intentions for whatever reason, that will possibly try and disrupt this and disrespect mental, emotional or physical boundaries or perhaps strong dry winds from the north affecting the nature, water sources, lives of humans and infrastructure, an unnatural seed affecting the if ever of bees and pollination of all other plants, diseased plants and food sources from other countries, drastic economical changes caused by other continents, new incoming competition on the work force, imported goods, or bad vibes causing disease coming in from a highly polluted street, nearby cell phone tower, radioactive reactor or even persistently ill willed people.

This will in many people create a sort of cold defensiveness, un trust and in many cases a paranoiac fear of almost everything.

Working for yourself, someone or something is an act of love and kindness, but all this working and extreme competition can oftentimes create more security and health problems that they resolve and additionally we may face the problem of a dehumanizing society, a material world full of fear and cruelty.
Never run behind money more than you do after the actual well being of beings.
Spend your time and money well. Someone showing their love for you and being there for you sure beats shopping.
True love is eternal but material things are not so choose your experience well.


Love & Light



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