Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 15, 2017

Fasting and Healing

If you lighten the load on the digestive system and organs while consuming lots of pure water you allow for the body to heal itself.


You should make it normal to eat natural, unprocessed preferably home cooked meals and breads ( lots of flat breads and whole grain sour doughs) with different grains like corn, wheats ( Kamut or Spelt flour to mention a few) Amaranth, Quinoa plus endless, roots, veggies, fruits and herbs. Use all these exciting exotic condiments that are also very healthy, like Brewers yeast ( to salt and flavor foods and popcorn) seaweeds with sea salt, herbal salts, tahini ( sesame seed paste) and yogurt based dips and sauces different nuts, seeds and berries, chocolates. Make nut-, oat- and rice milk. Eat as much as you want of fish, sea foods and chicken. Mix lettuce with sprouts, nuts and raisins. Make your own granola and bars to bring with you to snack on.

If you a eat like this you have lots of energy and your blood sugar and emotions are stable.

Sometimes you may want to take a few days eating lighter. This is fine, if your body is asking for it, it needs it and it helps clearing not only the body, but also the mind.
It helps you get yourself together and go within. Your answers seem clearer.

There is usually no need to go into extreme fasts unless you for some reason can,t maintain a balanced body, but even then, nothing should ever be extreme if the effect is to last but a slow steady process. You want to strive to not have so many ups and downs, emotionally and physically and these types of food ensure this.

Never obsess about your body, love it.
Just eat and enjoy.

Love & Light



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