Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 15, 2017

Cocaine- the drug of the harmed and of harm

Cocaine is one of the most addictive drugs where the relationship to the drug is more important than anything else. It also takes people to do cruel things and not even regret them and much less remembering them afterwards. It’s an anaesthesia , it takes away pain. A synthetic version of it, called Novocain is used in dentistry.

People on coke are highly cynical and cold when on it and they are also addicted to sex. The men around this drug often use prostitutes, look to buy affection from females and are emotionally cold or alternatively overreacting, overall they are emotionally instable. There is usually some psychological reason or past event that triggers a person to want to be experience anaesthesia  and not feel. Abused people end up doing drugs not to feel emotional pain and to forget the past.

There is a girl here whose father is a dealer and would tell her to sell the stuff at school if she wanted to have extra money, then she was abused by an old man while both parents were drunk and wasn’t really providing a tranquil home environment so this neighbor woman took her on and her husband used her sexually, eventually she developed a drug and sex addiction, went into prostitution when still under eighteen, cheered on by the family who got money for it and was totally used by North American jews. Now she is living the ” dream”, she got a house from her sugar daddy, she has done breast augmentation surgery and trains hard to be the ultimate sex object. She is now a cold, cynical person who does cruel things without remorse, she is angry, revengeful and bitter…but no wonder. She lost her childhood, dignity and self- respect all at once.


I just read about a porn star that happens to be on vacation in this country and to be honest with you, she looks like she is 12, the thought that men get off on looking at her having sex is highly preoccupying, the fact that she has done 480 movies and sees this as a job is even more preoccupying, especially when you look into her eyes and you can see her a mix of terror, fear and having given up. It’s sad.
Their backgrounds are even sadder. Their family wasn,t there for them and no other institutions either and everyone who could do anything looked the other way.
She “made it” but she is ripped to pieces.

On the rural, coastal tourist areas of this country the addicts roam around doing evil things like burning crops out of spite and stealing harvest and electronics to keep up with their addictions making honest life difficult and sometimes even impossible but the lack of investing into the youth and preventative measures affects the security and morality and certainly facilitates the presence of crime, fueled on by corruption and dishonesty affecting the judicial security and serious business. It’s a bad spiral.
The older politicians like ex President Abel Pacheco who is one of the men in charge of letting the country take this direction knew perfectly well, as a psychiatrist that if the drugs took over this country for whatever reason ( foreigners and elite in dire need of entertainment) many young people would succumb into medication for mental disorders, for life. We have at least 3 men here that are completely destroyed for life. Two overdid LSD brought here by foreigners and the third one was raped by a drug addict.


Love & Light



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