Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 14, 2017

Instilling Security with an Ulterior Motive

Certain people and even governments use techniques to instill a false sense of security while having an ulterior motive. This is used in fraudulent business, politics and relationships to mention a few.

It is a type of manipulation.

What this person or entity does is attempt to make you feel comfortable and safe, say all the things that show commitment and seriousness, do a few small things to seem convincing and when your guard is down and you are relaxed, then they “attack”.

Politicians for example may do it first to come into power and then hit the country with brusque changes or charges. What many people notice nowadays is how the public office is most often used to facilitate private big business and feed corrupt participants and not much for the betterment of the country with everyone included, as they initially pretended.


In relationships it’s common to hear people talk to a potential partner about romanticism, true love and even spirituality while in reality they just want sex at any cost and with just a about anyone, or maybe just looking for quick material security. I just read in Dr Ramos ( Psychology-Costa Rica) column about a guy that wanted his much younger girlfriend to quit her studies and if she didn,t he would for certain consider her egotistical and bad and he was going to cut off the relationship with her…so she let him go and good for her. It’s amazing what people expect from others and how much they feel like they need to control their partner for their own content and then add how someone that egotistical and evil simply decided to turn things around and that now she was the bad one while having done absolutely nothing…? This also may show how much men truly fear a woman’s independence.

Certain people seem to become overly jealous and possessive making the partner tiptoe which is also a type of psychologically exhausting horror experience. Some just become jealous and possessive when you are not even dating and that is preoccupying and could be a sign of obsession and is a clear red flag.

Keep a distance.

Love & Light



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