Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 13, 2017

Venomous Toungues

Some humans have people close to them that, for some reason or another always whisper, have lots of secrets that you can literally feel in the air. Things that they know that if you knew about them you would possibly turn their back on them so silence become their weapon. Whenever you say just about anything honest or something that they can,t bother to understand they give you the finger, lash out with venomous, evil words spewing out of their mouths to try unbalance you and ridicule everything you say. Then one minute later they sit there quiet as if nothing happened and reading the news . They tend to not listen to a word you are saying whenever you speak, showing how very little they care thus there is no way you can collaborate. They repeat the same questions over and over without any shame combined with that they also repeat the same negative stories over and over and ask you to do them endless favors interrupting you whenever they can with things they could actually do themselves. They tend to do this when they see you are busy with something important, I presume, to make you loose valuable time. When you confront them, put boundaries and make that energy go back to where it came from they may jump up and down, raise their voice, make a huge drama and blame it on you, hiss and growl and show animalistic aggression, put on the TV and radio on full volume, start slamming pots and pans and then all of a sudden start crying….all that is missing is that the head starts spinning.

Or what about the drugged, drunken, mediocre, insecure and nasty guy that has an obsession about a classy woman with lots of integrity that turned him down, makes sure to get close to a similar thinking family member (with a low vibe and illoyal ) to try and get any sensitive information about her he can get with the intent to try revenge himself and use this as a source to make money while he laughs heartily.

We are talking about people with many different faces, the pleasant smiling one they show to the world and the secret emotional uncontrolled dark inconvenient side that they keep hidden.
That is why when you react to and have a specific opinion about that person based upon a horrific negative relationship with that person, no one else may have an understanding of what you are talking about since they never see that side. Specially if their outside is very controlled and composed, it may almost seem like impossible. Their dark sides may even concord. They totally click on a subconscious level. They may both have something against you out of envy or jealousy and they are all clearly very superficial people.

The trick of devilish people is to make you seem like the bad one to deviate the attention from their own darkness. (Just like for example the old generations when they get down on the young people about what they do and even pretend to be surprised when it’s due to their lack of meaningful education, faults, ego and greed that the youth are reacting the way they are.)

Gaslighting- is a form of manipulation that seeks to sow seeds of doubt

They also tend to talk about God only when convenient, in a superficial way, do very little to try and do anything that will make a real impact or pay up for what they know they shouldn’t,t have done. That is the kind of people that talk about how generous they are and the great favors they do to people when really doing the absolute minimum, truly hate to share and what they do, and the way they do it just isn,t a favor. These kind of people pretend that they are great givers because it looks good, when really deep inside they resent it and would never do anything for anyone without charging you the double and/ or at least slander you behind your back. They are the ones that if they do anything for you they advertise it and need an audience.


Love & Light



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