Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 13, 2017

Sexual Aggressivity

Women do not find it attractive at all when a man launches himself at her sexually, grabbing her and trying to steal kisses. It’s very disrespectful. A woman isn,t ” available” just because you are displaying lust.



Let a woman take initiative, if she wants something more, she will let you know by her acts. Be not surprised that certain women just do not feel safe or comfortable with men and even prefer to be intimate with other women considering the pushy style many males have. It would be good for the males to calm down and show some sensitivity and respect, if they want something serious so that a woman can feel dignity and not like a piece of meat. Women who share their sexuality way too easily nowadays, maybe due to being desperate for attention and choosing to do anything to please a man cuts herself short and gets no respect. Maybe a few moments of appreciation is enough for someone like that, maybe due to lack of love as a child, but don,t give your entire body like that, your sexuality is sacred.

Love & Light



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