Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 10, 2017

Spiritual Warrior

A spiritual warriors only fear is moving against God, everything else is nothing.

Having the knowledge of why you are here, as an immortal being and in control of a conscious chosen death, you know that what people here call death for a spiritual warrior only means changing body, charging karma and continuing the spiritual battle. But since all life is sacred we are taught to protect it with both mind and body since these extreme destinies can be avoided and much more get done and much faster, if always following our inner wisdom and guidance. Being spiritual beings, in a human 3 D limited form we sometimes fail to discern dangers, show weaknesses and vulnerabilities related to bodily needs or are lax in attention and thus make mistakes.

That is why a true spiritual warrior always sleeps with one eye open, never takes any substances that will lower his or hers capacity for mental and physical battle, have no addictions or vices, eat light and pure foods to always be alert, physically strong and highly receptive of sensitive information in meditation, is extremely careful with whom they let into their lives and never reveal their true state of body and mind to the enemy and much less their true misson.


Love & Light



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