Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 9, 2017

Parallel Lives & Timelessness & Devilry

What if time doesn,t exist, there is no past and we don,t have past lives but many parallel realities we move in between? Is that why I see glimpses people that are not here on this planet cheering me on, loving me in other dimensions, why I have flashes of wars, unusual powerful women and these things and people I see in my dreams. Some of the people I know and others are people I know of and others totally unknown. For example yesterday I woke up after a few days of feeling very little emotions about anything, which almost alarmed me, having that odd feeling that I had felt so much that I was tired of feeling any more and that I just couldn,t bother. I had been making an effort to feel no emotions when something or someone triggered my anger (since they are certainly playing a game of provocation with me harassing me when I,m tired and literally all day) and try to feel nothing and it was working but then I was worried that maybe even the good emotions were gone, that I had simply had enough.

If these people want go under and auto destruct, let them. Not all can be saved.

I was thinking about how important it was to share something on the web, but then when I was trying to remember what it was, all I could remember was this “black” man, but maybe even more like a shadow since I could only see the contours and a round black sphere in mid air, but above a pedestal.

What does this mean?

Could this lightwork we are doing be a coordinated effort of many, many souls from the higher realms, where everyone is working from their angle while us here on earth are the physical manifestors of the change in this place?

These are the kind of mysteries I live for so I delve into the world of investigation to find out.


Spiritual warfare is an everyday issue, and every person that decide to inundate their bodies with toxins like alcohol and drugs allow for the soul to step aside and let negative energies enter and use these same people to make harm to others, they will try and use you, take away your peace of mind, harass innocents, make you feel uncomfortable, try and ruin your business, trick you, steal, let people die in their place for something they did, try and get to you emotionally worked up and then smile in your face, we all know people that act like that with plain and simple devilry. Some people have family members like this making them exasperate and live under constant stress and fear.
People talk about the devil as if it’s a person with horns, half beast and half human which explains exactly what it is, a human that acts beastly, destructively, violently and with the lowest of consciousness, it’s a negative energy that likes to defy God, the light, goodness and godly things with fear, darkness and evil for no apparent reason but doesn,t have the power to win. It’s the personalization of an extreme ego, someone who would like to think he is bigger, better and more powerful than God.Right now people let that bad vibe in to excess. Think of those times when people are drunk or high and all of a sudden shift vibes, become highly aggressive, very different from their normal selves, verbally or physically violent and then do something real bad but when they come out of it, they either can,t remember what they did or felt like something moves them to do that. That is the devil, that person is so far from the light that he is available to be taken over by something dark. Sometimes whole towns choose to take in the devil by simply always being on the side of and defending evil giving the place a bad vibe.

It’s amazing to me that just as a I wrote this, the mentally ill man that supposedly was raped as a child( something that could have been prevented by his parents), now addicted to drugs that has been harassing me and many other people since a long time and robbing people without mercy (without government or parents detoxifying him, putting him on tranquilizers or putting him away in a mental institution where he’ should be instead of just letting him roam like that around town ), just started screaming outside my gate, screaming about the devil ( no kidding) while clinking two machetes against each other. He is ready to kill and since the police are everywhere but here, I,ll be waiting for him here in the darkness with my candles lit.
Like a true Warrior of God. Those who even try will perish. Have no fear. 😌😇


Shadow Visitors

The terror that comes in the night

Love & Light




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