Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 8, 2017

Industrial Workers and Self Employment

Industrial workers, those who have a distinct profession within the cogwheel behave like countries coming out of colonialism, they seem to show difficulty moving independently. This is due to that they depend on others to make things happen and on others to make the big decisions and for them to just follow orders.

When you depend on others for employment, food, house payments and recreation, you are a slave to the system and very possibly frustrated but if and when you try and get out, the same system, that needs you, may create serious problematics as to how to free yourself. For example, if you need a steady income to change keep up with payments, you will be much less willing to take risks. Starting up your own thing requires funds so if you are just barely making it, you will also be less willing to take risks and if you are responsible for children or others then you will postpone this kind of move until later on when you have less economical pressures. If you already have loans then forget it and then add the lack of time you have to focus on your things. If you are middle class making a serious investment it may mean cutting out on the frivolous comforts for a while to get things going, focus and work 24/ 7 because you want to make it happen. On the other hand many companies keep laying off people almost forcing people to make that change so it’s probably good to have your plan ready and even start it up slowly if you can. Become independent. Make your own decisions, for you.


The way people work nowadays to keep up with the materialism makes them incredibly frantic and tired. This will affect the health too since the immune system goes down. It’s almost as if they live more for having those things and showing them off than they are enjoying life and when they do its like too much stuff going on, it’s like full on party, all the drinks and drugs they can take and then they,ll need a serious break after the break. People literally count the days to have a short, brief vacation that never seems to be enough for the body to fully relax and come back to itself.

It’s time to try and find a balance, do it for you and the family.
Do something crazy that I’ll make you smile.

Love & Light



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