Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 8, 2017

Female Economy vs Male Economy

 Considering the huge egos of the ruling males, if you only take a brief look at the things they invest in and spend their money on you can see how their investments certainly reflect this. This is why there is lots of money for war, electronics, games, fast cars, drinking, drugs, travels and entertainment like prostitution but very limited funds for the education, future projects and foods for children in need and much less if you are a woman.

This is clearly created to create a huge influx of needy women in need to be saved as cheaply as possible and loads of broken down men that can work in their factories. This also facilitates their immense need for varied entertainment within their sickening top secret sex lives. Since they can pay for everyone to keep everything indiscreet discreet, they can literally buy people’s loyalty and shut them up legally and illegally.

Serious women on the other hand think about the children first, she thinks about their safety first, that no harm come to them, that there is food on the table, to set them up longterm, makes serious investments thinking about the future, she doesn,t blow the money on herself nor on stupid things, she keeps money for emergencies and she knows that the children need encouragement and feedback to feel great about themselves and make it big so she guides them and supports them emotionally no matter what. She also knows that without clean water and air we won,t get that far on the harvests and health front so she makes sure these basics are covered before anything and all this she does out of love.

Because that is how you do it, if you want to do it right.

This attitude is what will change the world. What the world needs now is a real woman’s touch, not woman trying to be like the men; tough, cold, and demanding but intelligent, street smart and loving.
Then of course, if there are intelligent, caring men out there with a warrior spirit, make yourselves heard because the young males will need real inspiration, real actual males they can look up to.


Love & Light



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