Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 7, 2017

Codependency is norm in Latinamerica

I don,t know one Latinamerican woman that wouldn,t be shocked if she would have to pay the bill at the restaurant or to pay for or buy anything at all for a man for that matter, actually openly laugh at a woman that has that power (but deep inside they feel envy) and totally look down at the guy. There is no Latino male that won,t connect giving or anything money related, even business to a woman without somewhere expecting sex. The partner is supposed to complete you, your other half orange. The men aren,t taught to do housework and women aren,t taught to do business on purpose, so that without one another they are super fucked. Latin women easily confuse business with sex .



They just won’t let you complete yourself, but this society, the way it’s so badly arranged, chaotic and half built up makes sure that you are going to have to depend on someone. If you come in to invest and there are men and women involved, even if you are the main- top investor their instinct is put you as the secretary in your own company JUST because you are a woman. They have absolutely no respect for the investments of women unless accompanied and headed by a man. They think you don,t even expect to make money with your business, that you bought something just for fun and even start to make impossible the advances and lacking in respect. This may be true in many more societies and this is something women with monetary power should absolutely take into consideration when investing in places that still move like in the Middle Ages. Just because you can buy it doesn,t mean they will let you do what you want or what they first pretended and said you could when advertising their great democracy. Lying and manipulation is part of the co-dependant rapid short term survival game they play here so don,t be surprised that everyone does it, and hundreds of times in a row. They have no understanding of other cultures limits to bullshit, so they will additionally be extremely pissed off and revengeful when you eventually won,t take them seriously ever again, either, on any level.

There hasn,t been one course here that was business related where the government has had no solutions as to where the funding for that project should come from ( which is the key…to uplift the needing) and where in the end they don,t ask if your parents or a partner can,t move for you…lol…now…what is the point with government again??
Everyone is a ” prostitute” then because relationships nowadays don,t last long. The idea may have worked in the 2000 BC when people were more together and not all over the place.

All this dependence is the breeding ground for drama and until this is resolved I am not getting involved.

Everyone pay up.

Love & Light



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