Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 6, 2017

Cultural Prejudice

Education should expand the mind, open up to understanding and other ” worlds” that is why I find it fascinating that people carry these cultural trainings since a young age and in some way never let go of those in spite of education, male chauvinism and females holding back and taking traditional roles while still playing vulnerable and not taking charge of all the parts of their lives as they should but remain somewhat stunned in certain areas, like in for example doing serious investments. Then time doesn,t seem to affect humanity in the sense that people are still surprised that you have to invest and give to your children, that children are not small, inferior versions of you but powerful beings.

So like what are you doing with your life that is not including their well being? There are fathers that today just don,t want to pay for a child’s hobbies and sometimes not even the food as if it’s luxury. These explorations and minum basics are the absolute base for a child’s decision of what to do with their lives and a healthy way of spending their time. It seems insane to try and block their creativity instead of enhancing it as much as possible in all directions.

Society, the collective and individuals should try and facilitate this , heal up on all levels and discard old useless patterns that we won,t need in this new phase.


Love & Light



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