Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 3, 2017

Struggles and Faith

Some people are born into difficulties, others get into them later in life, what they have in common is that they are ” on their own ” with few people around them they can count on and trust. When you do, you immediately find like souls that don,t judge you and that take you in and that you go through the troubles with together and get through them together. Behind them are lives without fathers, or abusive mothers, or without parents at all, whoever they are with are not loving them, not feeding them right, their energy is low, they can,t ever have the stuff other kids get, no one invests in their hobbies, little possibilities for studying, difficulty to get to school, or having to be there with no food, with nerves, stressed and heartbroken, bad vibes at home and fighting for territory, a place they can call theirs. Their family rejects and mistreats them and they are never really living at peace and stability and much less at home.

The gangs become your family and the loyalty is the same as if they were. The one thing they do is that they move for you when no one else does and you move for them. If your step father is a drunk and abusive and your mother verbally abusive and co- dependent you are gonna feel better on the streets.

In wealthy societies we see this phenomena in the suburbs and other conflictive areas, where teachers, schools and many other people in their areas of interest become like these children’s family, these are people they can trust in a place where you can relax, where you can freak out and react but knowing your life is safe with grounded people who are around and standing by your side when no one else is and these people end up “bringing up” and supporting many more than their own children.
These people are on a real mission when they help them find their passions and guide them to help make their dreams come true.

Faith becomes a big power to help get through things when the family turns your back, the system turns your back and the wealthy turn your back, and you need confidence.

God, that you are a part of, knows your worth and your power and is always with you and supporting you when no one else seems to be.
Everyone I ever met that made it big have had faith. It’s that great feeling of belonging to something eternal and much bigger than anything on earth and that if I follow my inner guidance and move on those things,

I,m gonna make it, even if people move for me and help me along the way, I am the one that,s pulling myself up the whole way.



Love & Light



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