Posted by: Aya Thorgren | March 1, 2017

Killing with a Licence

I don,t understand why we even have laws and so many of them in countries where most real serious crimes go unpunished…?

I mean instead of following a simple law that says “You can,t kill” ( meaning anything under no circumstances) do we have certain groups that can legally do so, like the armies, the police and intelligence agencies? There is no logic to this, or no one kills or everyone.

How will, for example children and other people understand what is good or what is wrong if authorities break the law, abusing authority and getting away with it? The only impression a society like this gives is that under certain circumstances it is okay to kill. People are going to want to have that “power” if not people will only be standing without being able to defend themselves, first unarmed against an armed and abusive authority or one that doesn,t react when you need them or armed without the right to use it with complicated laws as how to and when and who you can kill and then additionally be without legal rights, a right that in this system have to be payed for and justice, the way it is now, will obviously be going to the highest bidder. That is how many people are sometimes even charged for crimes made by others, wealthier people because if you are in a world where finances mean more than a life and there is a way that everyone involved, even the system can get something out of this problem, then this is the direction that they will head for.
It seems like mentally unstable people can be more easily triggered with obsessions in such an indirect way that seems totally unrelated to others, to do something that could be convenient for so many more.


Love & Light



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